Too Shy 5sos+ Emblem3

Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


10. Leaving school just to go back to Drew's place to rest up- Bella

  Bella’s Pov:  So I had to leave school early since I wasn’t feeling the best, hopefully the teacher lets me go home.  So I raised my hand, so the teacher knows something was wrong. ‘’ Yes Bella, said Mr Taylor. ‘’ Can I go home since I don’t, feel too good I asked. ‘’ Of course you can, Bella, but I need a note said Mr Taylor.  So I quickly wrote a note, for the teacher so I could fucking go home. * The Note* NOT FUCKING FEELING THE BEST SORRY IF I WROTE A SWEAR WORLD Mr Taylor- Bella.  Later I packed up all of my stuff and when up to the teacher, with the note. ‘’ That’s fine Bella you can go, said Mr Taylor. ‘’ Thank you, I said. So I walked out of class and out of the school, and got in Drew’s car and drove back to his place, to sleep.  Later I got to his house, and got my bag out of the car and parked it in his drive way, and took out his car keys, and locked up his car.  So I made my way inside his house, and as I did I crashed on the couch and went to sleep with the keys on the floor, and my phone on the floor as well. But as I was a sleep on the couch, I didn’t know that  Drew came back from tour early with Wes, and Keaton. ‘’ Drew Sh said Bridget. ‘’ Shut up, said Drew.  So I was asleep on the couch, when I heard Drew’s voice which had to wake me up fuck. ‘’ DREW  I YELLED. ‘’ Hey Babe,  said Drew. ‘’ Why are you home, early I asked. ‘’ I was home sick, said Drew. ‘’ What about Keaton, and Wesley, I asked. ‘’  Same said Keaton. ‘’ Yeah same, said Wes. ‘’ No the show was not on, anymore said Drew. ‘’ Oh why I  asked. ‘’ The place was on fire, said Drew.’’ Oh okay I said. ‘’ I missed you babe, said Drew.’’ I missed you too, I said.  '' Gosh you two, are so cute together said Wes. '' Shut up  Wes, I said. '' Okay said Wes. '' Babe I have something for you, said Drew. '' Really I asked. '' Yeah said Drew. '' Okay I said. '' Babe close your eyes, said Drew. '' Alright, I said.  I didn't know why Drew wanted, me to close my eyes but I did as I was told. But I felt something in my hand, but I didn't know what it was though. '' Babe open your Eyes, said Drew. So I opened my eyes, again and I can't believe it.  " DREW YOU GOT, ME A HEART SHAPED NECKLACE I Yelled. '' Of course  I did babe,  said Drew. '' He miss you so much, that's why he got it for you, said Keaton. '' Awe thanks babe, I love it, I said.  ‘’ I know that you would, babe said Drew. ‘’  I’m leaving Drew said Wes. ‘’ Yeah Same said Keaton. ‘’ Bye guys, I said. ‘’ See ya Bell, said Wes. ‘’ SEE Ya Bell, and Drew said KEATON. Later Wes and Drew, leaves to go back to their place, while Drew and  I were lying on the couch next to each other. ‘’ Babe I lvu  I said. ‘’ I love you More, said Drew. 

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