Save Me

Austria is kidnapped and raped, and Hungary, Prussia, and another unlikely friend help him recover. Contains graphic descriptions of non-con/rape, suicidal thoughts, and self harm. All characters and art belong to their respective owners.


1. Chapter 1

"I'll see you guys after the meeting," Austria said before going into the meeting hall. Prussia grinned and nodded, and Germany grunted in a response. Austria felt a slight smile come across his face as he walked past his two brothers into the hall. 

However, the three Germanics didn't meet up like that had planned. And they wouldn't for a very, very long time. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Austria flinched as his captor twirled his hair between his grimy fingers, staring down at him in amusement. His arms were handcuffed to the head board of bed and his legs were given the same treatment at the end of it, leaving Austria in a spread-eagle position.

His captor, whose name he had discovered was Simon, stood up and looked his shivering form up and down. Austria squeezed his eyes shut, feeling violated as he was studied by this stranger. Thankfully, he was still fully clothed, but the current circumstances made him fully aware that wouldn't last long.

"I'm going to have lots of fun with you," Simon purred, stroking Austria's face in a sickeningly loving way. Austria shuddered and fought back tears as the cruel hand trailed down his face and neck until it reached the buttons of his navy blue coat. Simon licked his lips hungrily and his eyes gleamed as he slowly began to unbutton the coat. Austria's breathing hitched and he attempted to knee his attacker in the stomach, but the handcuffs prevented him from doing so.

"St-Stop! Please, stop..." Austria whimpered, continuing to struggle. He gasped slightly as his shirt and coat were removed and Simon's hands moved down to his pants. He struggled with renewed vigor, successfully kneeing his captor's chin. Simon chuckled darkly and took the lit cigarette he had been smoking out of his mouth.

"So you want to make this difficult, hm? I suppose I must punish you..." Without another word, Simon the rod of the cigarette against one of Austria's sensitive nipples. Austria moaned in pain and thrashed harder, struggling to throw off his captor's hand. Simon laughed cruelly and pressed the cigarette against Austria's bare chest a few more times, forcing Austria to submit and cease his struggling.

"Good boy," Simon snickered, tossing the cigarette aside and working the belt off of his victim. Tears welled up in Austria's eyes and he reminded himself that he didn't want to submit to this monster. No, he was being forced. He shivered as his pants were yanked off unceremoniously, leaving his frail body completely exposed to the man above him. Simon smirked and held Austria's legs in place as he began his torture. He bit harshly into the Austrian's neck, tearing the skin and drawing blood. Simon sucked on the wound eagerly like a babe feasting on its mother's milk. Austria breathed heavily as he sucked and bit at his neck, leaving hickeys as he went. Simon pressed his lips against his forcefully, and Austria gagged as he tasted a mixture of tobacco and his own blood. He flicked and tweaked Austria's nipples, causing him to cry out in pain through the kiss. Simon broke the kiss and moved so that his knees were on either side of Austria, his erect member throbbing in his victims face.

"Suck," Simon said with a smirk, grabbing Austria by the hair and yanking his head up. Austria turned his head away, grimacing as the throbbing erection pressed against his tightly pursed lips. Simon growled and dug his nails into Austria's skull, causing Austria to gasp in pain and then terror as Simon thrust his member into his mouth. He was forced to suck on the throbbing cock in order to not choke on it as Simon greedily pressed into his mouth.

"Oh God...Oh God, yes," Simon moaned, throwing his head back in ecstasy. A fresh wave of tears flowed down Austria's cheeks as he was forced to pleasure his captor. Simon shook as Austria sucked and licked the horrid organ that invaded him. When Simon finally came hard into Austria's mouth he pulled out, panting heavily. Austria shook and prayed to a God he didn't believe in that it was over, if only for now, but fate was not with him. Simon's eyes were clouded with lust as he watched his cum drip from his captive's lips and he shivered. Austria's eyes widened in terror as Simon stared at his inactive member hungrily.

"Your turn," Simon purred, licking his lips. He licked the tip of the member and Austria gasped, clenching his fists. Simon chuckled and took the head of the cock into his mouth, licking it teasingly with his tongue. Austria whimpered as short bursts of pleasure rocked his body. Simon took the entire member into his mouth, sucking on it hard as he stroked himself. Austria was filled with self-hatred as he forced back moans and gasps. The fact that his body was reacting to this despite his thoughts horrified him. A tight knot formed in Austria's lower stomach and he gritted his teeth, tears of humiliation rolling down his cheeks as the knot came undone and he climaxed. Simon stopped and licked his lips, grinning wickedly at Austria's squirming form.

"No. No, please," Austria begged as Simon forced his legs farther apart. Simon merely chuckled and positioned himself in front of his unprepared entrance, staring down at him hungrily. Austria's eyes shot open and he screamed in pain as Simon thrust into him harshly and pounded into him. Tears flowed down Austria's face as a searing pain filled his entire form. He felt as if his body was being ripped right in half, and his vision was tinged in red. The sound  of skin slapping skin caused a vile taste to enter his mouth and his rapist's groans of pleasure made him sob.

"Ah, you're s-so tight. So g-good," Simon moaned, gripping Austria's hips so tightly that his unkept nails broke the skin. He bent forward and licked the tears off of Austria's face, shuddering with pleasure. "You're mine..." he said with a grin. Austria gritted his teeth in an attempt to keep the sobs from letting loose. Simon finally cummed inside of him with a loud moan, spilling his seed into Austria.

Austria sobbed shamelessly, looking away from the man towering over him. Simon chuckled and pulled his pants back up, patting Austria on the top of his head as if he were comforting a child. Austria flinched away from the gesture, shaking violently. Simon shrugged and opened the door where a fairly large group of Simon's subordinates were waiting.

"He's all yours now. Be careful not to break him," Simon said in a sing-song voice. Austria's eyes widened as the men laughed and entered the room, surrounding the tiny bed he was tied to. The realization dawned on him too late as one of them men lowered himself over his quivering form, leering suggestively at him. They were going to gang rape him!

A sickening smirk decorated the man's face as he pushed into Austria.

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