The Abyss Chronicles

"For centuries we have waited to return to our humble second home and rule once more over the mortals. Our time has come, for doomsday is upon us."

"Gwendolyn. Scarlett. Eloise."
"How will we find these half mortals, m'lord?"
"You are smarter than you appear, my dear child. You will find them."
"Yes, m'lord..."
"If you do not return you shall be remembered for your bravery, child."
"I accept with honor, m'lord."
"I wish you luck. Now, go. Go. Time is of the essence."


2. Sinclair, Washington

Chapter One

               Sinclair, Washington. 

Water splashed through the brook and onto her long pale legs. Hints of ice scratched at the skin and flowed through the gap between her legs into it's next victim's limbs. She sat down and pebbles filled her pockets, her blond hair touched the water and her eyes closed. Leaning back she inhaled before submerging into the cold death. Deafening silence filled her ears along with water and dirt. The ambient sounds faded away along with any hope of revival as her breath drained away from her. She opened her mouth, letting the water flood her burnt lungs and wash away the smoke. Pink lipstick colored the water above her. Her eyelids blinked, mascara ran off the tips of her eyelashes. She closed her eyes. Sweet silence, peaceful struggle. Her limbs relaxed and her manicured fingernails dug into the muddy murk below her helpless body. Her skirt modestly stuck to her legs instead of flowing up with her blonde hair. She thought the dye would wash away. Her jacket  was up stream, it had come off during the silent fight for life. It sat on a rock, soaked in creek water and maybe the residue of her sadness, if there was any left. If she were still conscious she might have noticed the stranger crunching through branches and weeds to pick up her strawberry colored designer jacket. She might have noticed the stranger's eyes fall upon her and hear the surprised gasp of shock. If she were still conscious she may of felt her arm being jerked from her side and her fingernails being ripped from their muddy grave. Her legs still had the pleasure of resting along the water bay and being occasionally splashed with what was suppose to be her watery doom. The stranger preyed her still lukewarm lips apart and put theirs on them.  They gave her life again, blowing air into her body once more. They tilted her head back,  even in death or unconsciousness she must of still been stubborn because it took a lot of air for her lungs to breath back to life and her heart to speed up to pace. The blonde gasped and her eyes scanned for the person who interrupted her dark escape to peace. Concerned brown eyes met hers and thin pink lips curled up, she saw the worry leave the person's eyes and then nothing. She saw nothing as she looked around helplessly for her savior. No one was there. The blonde struggled to her feet and shivered with chattering teeth. Her left arm shot out to balance herself on a tree, her skin still had cuts from pebbles and sharp rocks. She exhaled sharply and wobbly made her way out of the woods, finding the path that led to her home again. Her jacket still missing. 


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