The Abyss Chronicles

"For centuries we have waited to return to our humble second home and rule once more over the mortals. Our time has come, for doomsday is upon us."

"Gwendolyn. Scarlett. Eloise."
"How will we find these half mortals, m'lord?"
"You are smarter than you appear, my dear child. You will find them."
"Yes, m'lord..."
"If you do not return you shall be remembered for your bravery, child."
"I accept with honor, m'lord."
"I wish you luck. Now, go. Go. Time is of the essence."


4. Cordelia Township, England

Cordelia Township, England

She ran through the woods, the grass under her feet was soft until they hit rocks. They cut the bottom of her feet to shreds, as the brunette fell to the ground, a rather sharp rock cut against her cheek. She cried out in vein. "God, Someone please help me!" She sobbed and pulled herself to sitting position. She looked around at the dense woods. In front of, a cliff with a steep drop off. The brunette climbed to her feet and stood on the edge of the cliff. She looked over the edge, water was below. Rocks poked out of the top. She looked around and picked up her foot. 
"Stop." A gruff voice commanded from behind her. Her breath hitched in her throat. It didn't sound like her brother's, Tommy, or her mother, Samantha. It wasn't as harsh as theirs, it was more of concerned then harsh. "Bloody... Nicki?" She asked. She went to turn her head, but the voice spoke again. "Don't move. Don't jump and don't turn around." She stood on the edge for a long while. "You're not Nicole..."  She heard a deep laugh. "You're right, I'm not Nicole and I have no idea who that is." She shivered. "Then who are you?" She still didn't move. She stayed still, the toes of her left foot still over the edge. "It isn't important, not now anyway. I'll be seeing you soon though." The voice said. "No. You won't." She picked up her right foot and jumped. Cold fingers wrapped around her arm, and the rest of her body jerked forwards and she cried out. "Let go, psycho!" She shouted and then she was pulled back onto the cliff. Her feet skidded against the rocks again. She saw a tan arm reach down and picked up a muddy stone. "Sorry, but I can't risk you hurting yourself." The voice's arm hit her over the head with the rock, she felt the contact, she felt her hair stick to the muddy surface. Everything went back for the brunette, and she welcomed it gladly. 

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