The Revenge of Alexa Gardensmith

This is one of those creepy, horror mystery stories. I hope you like it. Elizabetta, or Liza, (Lee-zah) knows there's something wrong with her knew house. It seems to be, haunted. But nobody believes her when she tells them. How will she be able to save her family and friends if nobody will listen to what she's trying to say?


3. Chapter 3

Alexa Gardensmith

"Nanny Maxwell!" Eleven-year-old Alexa called down the stairs. "Come tuck me in to bed!"
Nanny Maxwell came stomping up the stairs.
"What, you little twit?" she asked.
"Come tuck me in to bed!" Alexa repeated.
"You're much too old for that." Nanny Maxwell snapped.
"Just once more?" Alexa pleaded.
"Fine. But don't call me for the rest of the night, understand, brat?" Nanny Maxwell warned.
"Yes, Nanny." Alexa mumbled, looking at the ground.
"Come on, then."
Nanny Maxwell tucked Alexa tightly into bed. Much too tightly.
"Nanny, that's much too tight!" Alexa gasped. "I can't breath!"
"Don't be so dramatic!" Nanny Maxwell snapped, and left the room.
Walking down the stairs, Augusta Maxwell grumbled about Alexa.
"Ungrateful brat, calling me to do things, then complaining when I do." she muttered. After a long night of talking with the other workers, Augusta finally went to bed.
The next morning, she was awakened by a scream, coming from Alexa's room. Rising from the bed, grumbling about the early hour, and trudged to Alexa's room.
There, lying in the bed, was a pale, grayish body, clearly dead.
"What happened?" Augusta gasped.
"Call a doctor!" the maid who had screamed shrieked.
Augusta raced from the room to call the doctor, who arrived within minutes and began studying the body. Finally, he stood.
"There's nothing we can do for her, she's been dead since nine fifteen last night." the doctor said gravely.
"How did she die?" Augusta asked in a shaking voice, fearing the answer.
"The sheets strangled her." the doctor said, studying Augusta closely. "Who tucked them like that?"
"I did, but she insisted she could do it herself and tucked it in as tight as it could go, then slid in without untucking it." Augusta lied. "I said that was too tight, and she was gasping, but she said she was fine and refused to let me untuck it at all."

"Well, it's a tragic accident, but there's nothing we can do for her now." the doctor said. "We should call her parents."

"Yes, I'll do that." Augusta said, hurrying from the room. As she hung up the phone, she heard a young girl's voice, echoing as if in her head.

Oh Nanny Maxwell.  Said the voice of Alexa. You killed me, and now you're lying about it. Well, I shall have my revenge on you. 

Augusta jumped and looked frantically around the kitchen, but nobody was there.

You won't be able to see me. Alexa said. But I can do things, and talk to you. I could reveal myself to others, if I wanted, but where's the fun in that? They'll all just think that you're going mad... 


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