The Revenge of Alexa Gardensmith

This is one of those creepy, horror mystery stories. I hope you like it. Elizabetta, or Liza, (Lee-zah) knows there's something wrong with her knew house. It seems to be, haunted. But nobody believes her when she tells them. How will she be able to save her family and friends if nobody will listen to what she's trying to say?


2. Chapter 2

"Liza! Time for dinner!" Olivia called up the stairs.
"Coming Mom!" Liza called back. She hung up the last three outfits, and then twirled down the stairs.
"Someone's in a good mood." Jade commented.
"I think I could get used to the idea of this move." Liza said, grinning.
"I told you!" Jade exclaimed.
"Mama, I'm hungry!" Skyler squealed.
"Well, I haven't found the plates yet, so we'll be eating pizza out of bowls." Olivia said, sighing. The family of five got their bowls and sat down at the makeshift table: a box on the floor, without chairs.
"So, how's the unpacking going?" Olivia asked conversationally.
"Mama, I only got one box." Skyler said.
"Which one is that?" Jade asked, winking as Liza, which Liza took to mean that they both thought it was the same box.
"My dolls." Skyler said, and Jade and Liza grinned at each other.
"Well, how are you doing, James?" Olivia asked.
"I have fourteen more boxes to go." James said, sighing.
"James!" Jade said. "You only had sixteen boxes! Did you even set up your bed?"
"Well, no." James admitted. "I got distracted by the electronics box."
"James, one of these days I'm going to take those away." Olivia sighed, shaking her head. "You have too may."
"I do not!" James said indignantly. "I only have two kindles, three ipads, two iphones, four ipods, two laptops, three computers, one D.S., and one T.V.!"
"Exactly!" Olivia said. "That's way too many! Jade only has one phone and one kindle, and Liza only as one phone. You're way younger than them. You don't need that many. Anyway, Jade, how's it going for you?"
"I only have three boxes of twenty left." Jade said, shooting James a superior look.
"Any you, Liza?" Olivia asked.
"I only have one of twenty-three left." Liza said, smirking at Jade. "So I win."
"Which box is that?" Jade asked.
"The one with the glass stuff Dad, Grammy, and you guys gave me." Liza said. "I treasure it. So far, out of it, I've unpacked my glass music box with the lily design on it and the one with the petunia design on it."
Just then, there was a loud crash, followed by the sound of breaking glass. It came from Liza's room. The Maxwell's shared one alarmed and startled look before they rushed upstairs to the source of the noise.
Bursting into Liza's room, they saw that her nightstand had tipped over, dumping the music boxes onto the floor and shattering them. Liza bit her lip, holding back sobs, as she knelt down next to them.
"Dad gave me these." she said in a shaky voice. She couldn't hold in the tears much longer. "He gave me these the day he died." Her voice cracked on the last word, and all the tears came spilling out.
"Oh, it's okay, sweetie." Olivia said, kneeling down next to Liza and putting her arm around her shoulders.
"No, it's not!" Liza cried, sobbing harder. "It's not okay!"
"Yes, it is." Jade said, bending over and helping Liza stand up. "You were only six when he gave you those. He gave me extras so that, if you broke them, you could have new ones, still from him. They're exactly the same."
Liza looked up. "Really?"
"Really." Jade said, smiling and leading Liza to her room and showing her the music boxes. "Here. Just like the old ones."
Liza set down the music boxes and hugged her sister. "Thank you, Jade."
"You're welcome." Jade said, hugging her sister back. "Now come on, it's time for dance class."
"Mom found a dance class this quickly?" Liza asked in surprise.
"Yep. Ballet for you and hip hop for me." Jade said. "Now come on!"
"I'm coming!" Liza said, hurrying out of the room after her sister.
​So, you solved that problem. You won't solve the next one, that's for sure. Now, you'd better watch out. You won't be so luck next time.

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