The Revenge of Alexa Gardensmith

This is one of those creepy, horror mystery stories. I hope you like it. Elizabetta, or Liza, (Lee-zah) knows there's something wrong with her knew house. It seems to be, haunted. But nobody believes her when she tells them. How will she be able to save her family and friends if nobody will listen to what she's trying to say?


1. Chapter 1

"I still don't understand why we had to move, Mom." Liza complained.
​"Liza, not now." Olivia said distractedly, looking around at their surroundings, looking completely lost.
Liza Maxwell was eleven years old and heading into sixth grade. Just as she was finally fitting in at her school, had made a very best friend, even, her mother had decided they were moving again.
"Liza, you're going to love it here." Jayden, Liza's sixteen-year-old sister said.
Olivia and Jade had taken the six-hour drive to see their new house and move most of their things. Liza had been left with her grouchy old neighbor, along with her seven-year-old brother, James, and five-year-old sister, Skyler.
"No, I won't." Liza argued. "I want my old school. My old friends. My old room. My old house. My old yard. My ol-"
"Elizabetta!" Olivia exclaimed, turning around. "I understand that you don't want to move, but I can't deal with this right now! Can you get the GPS up, Jade?" she added.
"Mom, you were supposed to turn twenty minutes ago!" Jade said.
"Oh, no!" Skyler squealed. "You mean we have to sit more?"
"Oh, wait! You can turn here and it will cut the time down!" Jade said, pointing. Olivia swerved into the turn, barely making it.
"Whew!" Olivia said, glancing down at the GPS. "We'll be there in five minutes."
Five minutes later, the car was pulling into the driveway of a large, manor-like house.
"Woah!" Skyler said.
"That's all ours?" James asked.
"Yep!" Jade said, grinning. "And guess who Mom and I decided gets to have first pick of bedrooms?"
Liza glared at the ground. It would be Skyler, she knew it. Skyler always got anything she wanted.
"Liza?" Jade asked. "Don't you want to know?"
"I guess." Liza mumbled.
"You do!" Jade said. "The winner is... Elizabetta Sophella Maxwell!
Liza looked up. "Me?" she asked. "Not Skyler?"
"No!" Olivia laughed. "We decided to try to help you be more excited about the move by letting you have first pick."
"There's obviously the master bedroom, which is off limits, but there's some pretty cool bedrooms. And you get first pick!"
Liza leapt out of the car and rushed into the house, Jade and James on her heels. Slowing down, Liza walked from bedroom to bedroom, looking around. Since the house had three stories, not counting an attic and a basement, there were a lot of bedrooms. Let's just say that all four kids could have three friends over for a sleepover, and each person could have their own room if they wanted, and if two people slept in the attic, which was divided into to rooms. Liza finally walked back down to the second floor to her favorite room.
"I want this one." she announced to her family, Skyler and Olivia having caught up. They all walked inside and looked around.
It was a very large room, and painted pale yellow. There was a walk-in closet with more room than Liza could possibly need. There were glass double doors leading out onto a balcony. And, her favorite part, there was a bay window with a window seat.
"Alright, Liza!" Olivia said cheerfully. "Now it's Jade's turn."
Jade took longer than Liza had, but eventually picked a room slightly smaller than Liza's, with a smaller walk-in closet, a larger balcony, and no window seat. Liza had lucked out with the only room that had a window seat other than the master bedroom.
Skyler got an even smaller bedroom with a small closet, small balcony, and several windows, but no window seat. And James took a bedroom with a very small closet, no balcony, and several windows.
"Well!" Olivia said. "All the boxes are labeled with a name, so go find the ones with your name, take them to your rooms, and decorate however you want! I'll help you take them upstairs and put the beds together, but then you get to move everything around. Have fun!" With that, the little family moved downstairs to carry the heavy boxes into their bedrooms.

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