The Revenge of Alexa Gardensmith

This is one of those creepy, horror mystery stories. I hope you like it. Elizabetta, or Liza, (Lee-zah) knows there's something wrong with her knew house. It seems to be, haunted. But nobody believes her when she tells them. How will she be able to save her family and friends if nobody will listen to what she's trying to say?


4. Author's Note

A shout-out to Jeanne Dragon, part of the Ravenpuff427 team, who helped me write this chapter, and author of The Split Personality of Abby Green! 

Also, completely off topic, Jeanne and I just decided that it is Wormtail's fault Cedric joined Twilight.  He killed him to prevent him from discovering the Twilight fandom, but in killing him, Cedric became a vampire, and decided to go join Bella. 

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