The Memory Thief

Leah shouldn't have been drinking that night. She shouldn't have been driving. But she was, and someone died. Now, three years later, the grief still heavy, Leah wishes she could fix the mistake that cost a stranger their life. When she meets West on the anniversary of the crash, he offers her an opportunity to erase what she has done. But everything in life, as she knows, comes with a price.


3. Chapter Three



My hands shake as I search for my phone. It's stuck somewhere in my broken car, but I need to find it. I need to call someone.

A sick feeling fills my stomach and throat, and I wonder if I'm going to throw up.

But then I hear it.

The vibration.

The screen lights up, and I see that my phone is on the floor on the passenger side. I grab it and look at the incoming text from Dakota.

Where are you?

My body aches as I pull myself out of the wreckage, then look around. The road is empty, except for the snow and the red droplets.

It's blood.

I use my phone as a flashlight and start to walk, snow crunching under my boots. It's the only sound. The night is still, even the animals are quiet. They all heard the crash, and hid.

I want to hide.

I look at my phone, at the unanswered text, and my eyes fill with tears. I can't tell her what happened. She knew I left after I had a few beers.

I shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel.

There droplets of blood form a trail now, that stretches along the fork in the road.

I go left, and then I see him. He's face down in the snow, his body twisted, bloody, and bruised. He's wearing a big jacket, and I can't see his face. I'm not what I want to.

What if he's someone I know?

That thought fills me with dread.

He isn't moving, and I know why. The impact of the front of the car, his body slamming against the windshield, that's why.

He's dead.

I kneel down in the snow, and the cold crawls up my body, but I barely feel it.

I close my eyes, and the wind howls in my ears.

It whispers killer to me.




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