The Memory Thief

Leah shouldn't have been drinking that night. She shouldn't have been driving. But she was, and someone died. Now, three years later, the grief still heavy, Leah wishes she could fix the mistake that cost a stranger their life. When she meets West on the anniversary of the crash, he offers her an opportunity to erase what she has done. But everything in life, as she knows, comes with a price.


1. Chapter One



He shuffles the papers and stares at me over his silver wire-rimmed glasses, and looks at me with a tired expression.

If he's tired, then I'm exhausted. We've been sitting in this room for an hour, and I have told him everything that I remember about that night.

It was dark then, and the snow was coming down hard, and I had been drinking.

I hear the pen scratching against the paper, but I don't look at him. Instead, I look at the floor, at the small ball of dust collecting there, and I step on it with the hell of my boot.

"Leah," he says calmly. "What happened next?"

I tell him what happened after. After the car slammed into the man's body. After it spun so much I thought it wouldn't stop. But then it did, and I could breathe.

I could breathe and I was alive.

I could breathe and I was alive and whole.

I look at my lawyer, my heart pounding in my chest, and whisper, "I didn't mean to kill him."


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