Angels & Demons

"You don't have to do this." I breathed as I appeared behind him. "I have to. It's my destiny." He whispered almost too soft to hear as he placed two fingers on her temples. "Zane, please." I said softly as I let a tear fall.


9. Chapter 8

I ran through the forest, trying to push my wings out from back. I stumbled into a clearing surrounded by concrete walls that were immersed in jade green ivy. I stared up into the night sky and watched in horror as the harvest moon appeared from behind the storm clouds. I dropped to my knees in pain and clutched my head, screaming. The whispers filled my ears and circled the air.

 "Leave me alone!" I screamed out at the luminous moon hanging in the inky black sky. The whispers came to a sudden halt as I opened my eyes and Christianna appeared in front of me, tears streamed down her face as she quaked in fear. 

   "Christi." I whispered as tear began to drop from my eyes. I saw a dark figure appear behind her, his pointed black wings, similar to that of an angel's, outstretched smothering any source of light the night might've possessed.  His voice was deep and dark and it had a familiar tone, one I couldn't quite place my finger on.

 "Kill her Evangeline. Kill her and this can all end right now. It's quick and painless. It's easy." He whispered. 

"No! No! I will not kill my family!" I screamed and turned away from Christi.

  I bolted upright, tears streaming down my face. I heard a knock on my door as it opened slowly. I saw Luc step in quietly, concern and worry stricken across his face. He walked over to me and sat down on my bed, his strong arms wrapped around me. I placed my head in his lap and began to breathe shakily and broken. He combed his fingers through my hair, a trick he learned when my mother died, to calm me down. My breathing began to steady and my tears dried on my cheeks. 

"Another nightmare? We heard you screaming." Luc said softly. I nodded and brushed his hand with my thumb gently. I glanced up at him and we locked eyes. 

  It was in that moment I forgot about everything, the nightmares, my mother, my fight with Calyx, even Zane. The only thing that consumed my thoughts now was Luc.

 He leaned down closely, his faces inches from mine. I shuddered as his hands moved down my to my waist and he filled the space between us. His lips met mine and and he pulled me close, our bodies pressed against one another. I kissed him back as we straightened out on my bed, his body on top of mine. I heard the door swing open and knock into the wall, loud footsteps rushed hurriedly to where Luc and I were. They ripped Luc off from on top of me and slammed him against the wall, only then did I see my brother's face, his eyes filled with anger and fury.

  "That's my sister, you asshole!" He screamed and raised a fist to strike Luc.

  "Gabriel! No!" I screamed and ran to grab his fist, but he was quicker than I was. Gabriel's fist connected with Luc's nose. I cried as Luc clutched his nose, blood dripping onto my floor. Gabriel dropped Luc onto the ground and then spun around to face me, in all my 6 centuries as an angel I had never seen him so angry and upset. Luc left the room quietly and Gabriel's eyes flared up even more.

"God Evangeline! Do you even know how incredibly stupid that was! What if Calyx or Esai had walked in instead of me?! Calyx was right when he called you reckless. Luc could've been exiled from the coven because of you! What were you thinking?" He yelled. I felt my entire room shake, the walls cracked down the middle and the lights began to flicker. I walked towards Gabriel and gripped his wrists tightly. The shaking subsided and the lights stopped flickering. He slowed his breathing and look at me.

"Don't ever do that again or being exiled will not be the only problem Luc has with this coven." He said in a low growl as he wrenched his wrists from my hands and evaporated into thin air.

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