Angels & Demons

"You don't have to do this." I breathed as I appeared behind him. "I have to. It's my destiny." He whispered almost too soft to hear as he placed two fingers on her temples. "Zane, please." I said softly as I let a tear fall.


5. Chapter 4

I walked into the building and for someone who has never had a problem making friends in her entire life, I suddenly felt very nervous as my eyes swept the bustling hallways that were cluttered with groups of girls every where. They would glance over in my direction the whisper something in another girls ear and then glance back at me. I saw a girl in particular who had auburn hair and that tumbled down her shoulders beautifully look in my direction and then turn back to her group of friends. She turned back in my direction with a smile on her face as she began to walk toward me. 

"Hi!" She beamed as she placed a hand on my arm.

"Hi." I smiled back politely, still confused as to what exactly was going on.

"I'm Savannah. Those girls over there are my friends Lila and Chesley." She smiled pointing first to the girl with dark brown hair that was tied up in a messy bun and then to the girl with chestnut red hair that was swept back into a pony tail and her bangs swept straight across her forehead. 

"Nice to meet you. I'm Evangeline, but most people call me Eva." I smiled as I introduced myself.

"So, the girls and I were talking and we wanted to invite to hang out with us." Savannah smiled, but something about her didn't feel genuine, but it was my first day I couldn't afford to turn down a friend, especially someone who seemed as popular as Savannah did.

"Okay." I laughed and started to walk away with her and the others when another girl stepped in front of us. She was petite and her blonde hair had pink highlights in it and was cut short into a pixie cut. She looked furious.

"Oh no Savannah! You are not going to corrupt the new girl." She hissed as she snatched my wrist away from Savannah.

"Ugh whatever weirdo!" Savannah scoffed as she tossed her hair and walked away with Lila and Chesley.

"Sorry about that, it's just those three have kind of a reputation for...well let's just say they aren't the people the new girl should hang around with. I'm Kylie by the way, Kylie Salvatore." The short blonde girl smiled, and this time it seemed genuine, as she stuck out her hand.

"Evangeline Devereaux." I grinned as I shook her hand. She laughed as she slung her arm around me and pulled me down the hall.

"So you're new huh? Where'd you come from Evangeline Devereaux?" Kylie asked excitedly. I could see the look her in her eyes, the child-like curiosity. It was the same look Christianna got on Christmas morning.

"I just moved here from..." I trailed off as my eyes locked with a boy walking down the hall. The boy from the parking lot. I immediately shifted back into reality as Kylie snapped her fingers in my face.

"Helloo? Earth to Eva? You were saying?" She asked as she tossed her head to the side in confusion.

"Oh yeah. Can we pause on my life story for a second, Kylie who's he?" I asked as I turned back around to face her.

"Who's who?" She asked quite confused, I might add.

"Him? The guy over..." I spun around to find him and point him out to Kylie, but he was already gone, I dropped my finger and my face fell.

"Girl, I think you hit your head a little to hard in the parking lot when you almost became road kill." She sighed as she continued to pull me down the hall. "Come on we're gonna be late for history." She groaned. I glanced back over my shoulder to see if I could find my mystery boy again one last time. We turned a corner and the hallway disappeared from my line of sight.

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