Angels & Demons

"You don't have to do this." I breathed as I appeared behind him. "I have to. It's my destiny." He whispered almost too soft to hear as he placed two fingers on her temples. "Zane, please." I said softly as I let a tear fall.


4. Chapter 3

 I stepped into the sunlight, it's glistening rays caught the blonde highlights that were weaved into my braid. That was what made me so special, so prized. I was the only angel to ever exist with brown hair. Brown hair was solely meant for demons, the devils, the subjects that served under King Lucifer. And Angels? We were born to be blonde, to be perfect and pure, so when the best, most perfect and most pure angel has them all, has a brown haired baby, it certainly creates a field of interest. I'm the only angel allowed to screw up and be the closest thing to human, minus the immortality and the wings, but it also means I'm the most targeted angel there is. I started my white infinity QX60 and sped off down the road, I could've just as easily gotten to school by flying or transporting, but I couldn't risk some human seeing me or worse, a demon. 

   I pulled up to the school, it was gorgeous, much like the castle I had lived in back in 16th century England. I parked my car and opened my door. i quickly made sure I had everything. Keys, phone, purse, necklace to control my magic around humans, check, check, check, and check. I smiled as I started walking into school. I heard tires screech behind me and I jumped suddenly out of the way of the speeding car and lay flat on the pavement. I groaned as I held my wrist in pain and sat up, across the parking lot I saw a boy staring at me, he couldn't have been much older than I. His brown hair was cut into a quiff and was short on the sides. He wore a black leather jacket over a fitted black t-shirt, outlining his abs underneath, and a pair of black skinny jeans tucked into combat boots. His ice blue eyes met mine and I froze. My eyes scanned him up and down from the black ring lip piercing to the almost completely hidden tattoo that crawled up his collarbone from under his t-shirt. Why did he look so familiar? I closed my eyes and shook my head, thinking I must've hit my head harder than I thought when I jumped out of the way of that car because when I opened my eyes, he had vanished... 

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