Angels & Demons

"You don't have to do this." I breathed as I appeared behind him. "I have to. It's my destiny." He whispered almost too soft to hear as he placed two fingers on her temples. "Zane, please." I said softly as I let a tear fall.


10. Chapter 10

I sighed as I quickly cleaned up Luc's blood that was starting to stain my carpet and then proceeded to get ready. I tried not to think about my fight with Gabriel or the kiss I shared with Luc. I just tried not to think about anything, I just wanted to shut the world out.

I slipped on a black Nirvana crop top and cut off denim shorts. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and touched up my makeup. I slipped on a pair of white Adidas and left the house quietly. It was already midnight by the time I walked out the door. The sky was blanketed by thick storm clouds. I inhaled deeply and let my wings sprout from my back. I was about to take off when I heard the door of the house shut. I spun around expecting to see Caylx or Esai, possibly even Luc, but I was shocked, but delighted to see my best friend emerge from the doors of our mansion.

 "Azrielle." I smiled as she ran towards me and wrapped her arms around me in a bear hug.

 "You didn't think I'd let you go out flying on your own, did you?" She laughed as she released me. She shut her eyes and let her wings sprout of her back. They weren't nearly as big as mine were, but they were gorgeous and angelic all the same. I pushed off my feet and grinned as I tore through the clouds, as Azrielle followed closely behind. I spiraled through the sky and dove back down through clouds and back up. We eventually landed on a hilltop in the countryside that overlooked the entire city, I had almost forgotten how beautiful Paris was at night. I sighed as I fell back on to the ground next to Azrielle, wings outstretched. 

  "What's wrong?" She asked as she turned her body so she could look at me, she propped herself up on her elbow and I could see the 'don't lie to me or I'll tear your heart out' look on her face. I sighed and let my eyes fall to the ground.

"Gabe and I got into a fight. It was the first actual fight we've gotten into since mom died. We've disagreed and bickered on occasion as siblings do, but this was an actual fight. He cracked my wall." I explained to her. She tossed her head to the side in confusion, wondering what the fight was about.

  "Luc kissed me and I kissed him back and Gabriel walked in and it's a really long story." I said quietly.

"Oh." She said sadly as her face fell. Azrielle and I had been friends since birth and I remember thinking she was dead was the hardest thing in the world to go through, but when Calyx brought me into the coven and I found Azrielle again we formed an unbreakable bond, but there was a bit of an issue at first. Azrielle had and still has very strong feelings for Luc and when Luc and I met he was instantly smitten with me. However, I did not return those same feelings. Luc has always been a subject of tension between Azrielle and I. I looked at her and held her hand tightly.

"Az. I swear it meant nothing. It was just the heat of the moment, I was lonely and scared and a nervous wreck. The nightmares aren't stopping no matter what I do and I'm scared because I don't know what they mean. Azrielle I'm so sorry, I would never ever do that to you. I'm not even interested in Luc, I'm interested in someone else anyways." I apologized sincerely. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized I had just told her that I was into someone. I saw a smile break out across her face as she squealed in delight.

 "What's his name?" She pressed excitedly.

  "Zane." I whispered.


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