-Nadine,should I post that picture on Insta?*cue picture* -I am not Nadine,but darling trust me,you should. When Delilah sends her pictures to Zayn thinking he was her bestie,she never thought that she would finally find her boy.



Delilah's POV.

A/N:This is what Nadine looks like.I found that pic on we heart it.She's soooo pretty.

Nadine is already here and it's only 8:13 pm.We are sitting on my bed and she's trying to understand what is going on.I am ready to open my mouth when I get a message,from Zayn.This was kinda unexpected since he doesn't really text me.'Hey,wanna go out with me and my bae?'.I felt tears brimming my eyes and Nadine's eyes were wide and immediately came by my side and took me in her embrace.''Love what happened?Who did this?What is going on?''She blurted out.I shook my head and looked at her.''Nadine,don't hate me please.''I begged and she shook her head quickly.''I would never hate you love.''She whispered and stroked my hair.''Nade,I like Zayn.''I whispered and looked down on the white fluffy covers of my king-sized bed.Nadine kissed my head and made me look at her.''Love,this is what heart wants.And your heart needs my idiot of a cousin.Of course I am not mad,I would love you two dating.Now I get why you didn't want to go out with us.You don't want to see them together.''She said,smiling sadly.I nodded and now the tears fell.She cooed and kissed my cheek.''Love please don't cry,everything is going to be ok.''She whispered and cuddled with me.

A/n:Why the heck do I ship #Nelilah?Yup that's the ship name of Nadine and Delilah.Some of you had been Dm-ing on Twitter me asking me if Zayn actually has a cousin Nadine.From what I know he doesn't cause I know his cousins.Of course not in real!I know who his cousins are.And also yes some of the chapters will be and like that.All the love,M.

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