-Nadine,should I post that picture on Insta?*cue picture* -I am not Nadine,but darling trust me,you should. When Delilah sends her pictures to Zayn thinking he was her bestie,she never thought that she would finally find her boy.



Delilah's POV.

My brother said that we should go at Mc'Donalds at 6:30 pm.I was already ready as it was 6:23 pm,so I wouldn't be late.I looked outside,it was raining.It was Saturday,1st of Octomber and it was raining.I sighed,I knew I should have stayed in LA,where I come from.But instead I moved in London,as my brother did.I started playing with my iPhone 6s Plus.I am thinking about getting 7 but I am not really,sure they seem the same(A/n:Lol true,I don't know if I should buy 7 or just stay with my 6s plus.)My thoughts were interrupted as my brother for sure knocked on my flat's door(A/n:Sorry I am British I don't really know how to write American words but I will try.But Delilha(Kylie Jenner)is American from LA of course.)I opened the door and here he was smiling.I smiled back and squealed he took me in his arms.''Come on lil' sis,we need to go,I am sooo hungry.''He said making me giggle.I took my jacket and wore my superstars,and also took my bag.''Let's go.''I said to him.After 7 minutes we were already there,sitting on a table and waiting for our food to be here.''So,you don't seem ok babe.''He said as he zipped his jacket.I shook my head smiling.''I am k bro.''I said.He nodded hesitated,and smiled as our food was finally here.As we were eating my phone was going off and I glanced the screen seeing that they were all messages from Zayn.I shook my head and continued eating,enjoying the time with my big bro.

So babies,I am back.Did you saw Zaddy's selfie on insta?I freaking died,oml he' sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot.Thanks for reading,All the love,M.

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