Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


This IS my story. It's also been published on Wattled, also by me.
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5. The day with the bonfire | part 2

"Who would've thought it'd be so hard to find decent wood ind a forest? I mean come on!" I complained kicking another piece of wood that was too wet to put on the bonfire. It had been quite humid these past couple of weeks. Perhaps because fall was right around the corner. It usually rains a lot in the late summer and it has been no different this year. 

Justin and I had been walking for a while just looking for wood to put on the bonfire. Justin held the flashlight, obviously since he took it from me before we left the others. We hadn't spoken much. Mostly about the wood that wasn't even there. 

All I could think about was how Justin reacted towards that other guy at the party. The guy who went across the line. 

"Justin?" I said and immediately regretted my words. I didn't want to have this conversation, so why did I say anything at all? Gosh Ella, don't you think anymore? 

"Ella?" He said, sounding like it was a repetition. How many times did he try and make contact with me? "Ella is everything ok?" He asked friendly. I shook my head a little and smiled awkwardly. God dammit. 

"Yea uhm... I just wanted to thank you," I started and forced my eyes off of him. I didn't want to look at him in case he'd see the hurt. 

"You don't have to thank me," he said and smiled. He walked a slight bit closer to me, that's all I managed to notice.

"No... I do," I said with a low voice. Half ashamed of the situation I had put myself in and half ashamed about making Justin the bad guy afterwards. "If it hadn't been for you it probable would've been way worse." I got myself together and looked at him. I smiled to him reassuringly. Letting him know that I was truly thankful for his help. 

He nodded a bit at my words, "I suppose you got lucky with my presence there", he said and chuckled a little. He looked peaceful in the white blinding light from the flashlight. He turned his head to look at me and he sent me a charming smile. 

No more words had to be spoken. He knew I was thankful and that's all that was important. He kept smiling at me with that confident charming smile. Right now I didn't understand what Catalina had said. He didn't seem like a 
womanizer at all. Lucky moment I guess. 

I was just walking in my own thoughts, looking here and there for some wood. Suddenly my on-going step was stopped, as though something was holding around my food which resulted in me overbalancing. It was like a force from behind me was pushing me forward and towards the ground, until a third intruder stopped me right in the air. 

A tight, firm grip held onto my upper arm. In my hand I felt a soft, thick fabric. Taking a moment to breathe, take in all of my senses, I looked up to see Justin staring down at me. He had managed to grab a hold of me before I'd hit the ground. 

My heart was racing like crazy from the adrenaline and I was breathing heavy too. 

"You okay?" He said as he pulled me into my feet.

"Yea I am... Thanks," I took a step back from him in my mind, but in real life I'm not sure if I moved even an inch. He kept holding onto my arm and I kept holding onto his shirt. 

Usually when girls lose their breath because of a boy looking into their eyes, it's because he looks at them like she's all that matters to him. This was not one of those moments 

His eyes were almost jet black in the faint light of the flashlight of which he had dropped on the ground in order to catch me. His face was calm, relaxed. A couple strands of hair had fallen down in front of his eye and hung effortlessly there, giving him more character. His hair looking rather ruffled. It suited him. 

When I finally came back to reality and started breathing again I forced my gaze away from him. I turned my gaze to my foot to see what in had been caught in. 

My foot was stuck under one of those annoying tree roots that come out of the ground and dives right back in. I wiggled and pulled, struggling, but my foot was stuck in there and the root was tight over my foot. 

"Let me help you with that," Justin said and bowed down to my foot. He took a hold of my ankle and my heel and started wiggling my foot while pulling at it. I placed my hands on his back for balance. His back was warm on my cold hands. 

"Thanks," I said quietly once he got my foot out. My foot still hurt a bit, but not too much. 

He slowly got onto his feet again, now standing closer to me than before. I stared at our feet in embarrassment, and to avoid his piercing glance. 

I had wrapped my arms around myself and was rubbing my shoulders hoping that the friction between my cold hands and cold shoulder would eventually create som heat. It was a lot colder than I thought when I wasn't near the bonfire. 

Justin took a step away from me and I carefully glanced at him out the corner of my eyes. He grabbed the hem of his big fluffy sweater and began pulling it over his head. His T-shirt got stuck in his sweater and clung to it as he pulled it over his head. His abdomen and a small part of his chest was exposed. I slightly parted my lips staring at his muscular torso. Lord have mercy on me... 

His abs were slightly visible, not too much, but just enough. I noticed a couple of tattoos here and there and wondered if he had more. 

I almost gasped as I closed my mouth when he finally got the sweater off and pulled his shirt down again. He was a long sleeved, long lined shirt. He looked really good. 

I swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth and ran a hand through my hair trying to seem like I wasn't just staring at him. 

"Here," he said in a demanding voice and handed me the sweater. It was warm and soft. 

"Thanks." I said as I put the sweater on. It was way too big for me, obviously, but it warmed me up almost instantly. "Just tell me if you need it back," I said and sent him a slight smile. 

"It's alright," he said and grabbed the flashlight from the ground. "I'm pretty hot," he added cockily and sent me a matching smile. He walked back to me and stopped right in front of me, looking down at me with confidence filled eyes and that same cocky smile, "and judging from the way you were staring, I think you already know that." He said and lifted his eyebrows for a second and kept on walking. 

We had managed to find a bit of wood and had started walking back before we got too far into the woods and wouldn't be able to make our way back. Right now I felt blessed that Justin was here. We were already way too far in the woods for me to make my way back by myself, but Justin didn't seem the slightest bit worried.

"How's your foot?" He asked and looked at me. We had been silent for a while. I didn't know what to say to him. Hey, nice torso? I don't think so. 

"Uhm it's fine I think," I said and looked at him with a smile. He nodded a bit in response and kept his eyes straight ahead. "Are we lost?" I asked honestly not knowing where we were. 

"No," he said and chuckled a little. He looked at me and then back ahead of him, "yes," he said laughing and ran a hand through his hair. 

"What?" I asked worried and looked at him. I grabbed his hand and stopped walking. I didn't wanna be any more lost than we already were. "We're lost?" I exclaimed and pulled at his arm. 

Before he could answer we both heard the sound of  breaking twigs from the darkness. We both turned our head in the direction of the sound within a split second. 

"What was that?" I asked almost whispering. He hushed me. 

My heart was racing in my chest and I'm pretty I wasn't breathing. My hands started trembling and sweating. 

Justin scanned the darkness around us observationally. 

Another sound of breaking twigs sent me over the edge. I pulled myself into Justin, laid my arms around his neck and burried my face in his chest. I was scared. What if whatever was in there was a serial killer who had fled to Canada? Or a rapist running loose in the woods? I was shaking and my eyes were closed shut. I could hear Justin's heartbeat. His heart was beating fast, but no where near as fast as mine. His breath was calm. 

He put his arm around me and cuddled my back. To calm me down I suppose. He was pointing the light against the darkness where the sounds had come from. 

He suddenly chuckled a bit. He laid his other arm around me and gave me a light squeeze. "It was just a deer. Look," he said and pointed the light towards the deer. Its black eyes gleamed like little diamonds when the light hit them. It fled quickly, afraid we might harm it. 

I giggle a little and look up at him biting my lip a little bit, feeling embarrassed by how I had just hugged him for protection. 

He looked down at me smiling. He moved his gaze from my eyes to my lips as he ran his left hand up my arm carefully.

My heart went straight back to racing. Thoughts twirling around in my head and not knowing what to do, so I simply stood there. I looked at him. Studied his features. Studied how he slowly, and quite sexily, licked his lips while staring at mine. I bit down on my lower lip slightly. 

His hand had made it's way to the back of my neck. His hand was warm and very large. 

I began breathing heavier as I noticed that he was slowly moving in closer to me. Soon enough I wasn't even breathing anymore. I could feel his slight breath against my lips, that's how close me he was. 

In this moment. Right now. Right here, I wanted him to kiss me. Despite of what Catalina had told me. That I wouldn't be anything but another notch in his bed pole. Another woman to add to the list. 

But he was so handsome and so... Gentle in a way that was indescribable. And yet there was something about him. Something that lured me in. Something unpredictable, mysterious. Dangerous. I didn't know if it was his looks, the way he acted, the way he talked or just this aura he had around him. But it was there. Luring me further in by the second in spite of my resistance. 

His thumb ran across jaw as he very carefully lifted my face towards his. I licked my lip and closed my eyes,  waiting impatiently for his lips to crash onto mine like I wanted them to so badly. 

My heart skipped a million beats when I felt his warm lips brushing against mine. I couldn't move at all. I was frozen, just letting him sail the ship. I could only barely feel his lips against mine and I already couldn't get enough. I wanted more, but I remained frozen. Unable to take control over the situation. 

He closed his lips over my top lip and kissed me softly. Controllably. He wasn't nervous at all, that was for sure. Every move he made had a purpose, even this slight, soft, barely-even-there type kiss. 

Gathering some courage, I kissed him back. The same soft way as he kissed me. I didn't want to force anything. Not that I could if I wanted to. He had swept my feet off the ground. 

I felt a burning, stinging sensation on my lips when he took his lips off mine. The same burning feeling you get in your body when you're highly addicted to a drug and that drug is taken away from you. It felt as though my heart completely stopped. I couldn't believe he had ended the kiss like that. All I knew was I wanted him to instantly put his lips back on mine.

"We should get back." He said and smiled to me as if nothing at all had happened. But I saw it there in his eyes. In his dark, tempting eyes. 


I nodded agreeing with him and released myself from his embrace. We started walking back and the only thing on my mind was the unbearable burning sensation filling my lips. 

"There you are! What the hell have you been doing?" Fleur said when we got back to the bonfire. We hadn't spoken much on the way. Only a few words here and there. 

"I bet they had a quickie in there," Cooper joked and pushed Jonathan a little who played along asking me if it was good. Oh god...

"Oh yea," Justin said throwing the wood next to the bonfire. "She wishes that had happened," he said and winked at me. Same confidence as always. 

"As if," I said laughing and went back to my blanket and sat on it. 

"Hey Ella?" Mia said and looked at me with a goofy smile. I looked at her waiting to say whatever she as gonna say. "Nice sweater," she said added and giggled like a school girl. 

I looked down myself and saw Justin's sweater. I pulled a little at it. Admiring it and appreciating the warmth it was giving me. "Thanks," I said and glanced over at Justin, smiling a little to myself. 




Hi guys! Sorry for the late update, but I spend all day traveling yesterday and I couldn't get to my computer. Sucks, I know! But here you go with the 5th chapter of Bad Decisions! I really hope you liked it! As you know by now, things are just starting to get intense, so stay tuned for more chapters coming up! 


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