Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


This IS my story. It's also been published on Wattled, also by me.
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3. The day after

A loud, piercing nearly stabbed my ear at way too early in the morning. I simply reached my hand towards the nightstand where the alarm clock was placed. Unwilling to open my eyes I just kept fumbling my hand all over the nightstand and smacking my hands down on it every once in a while, hoping that I had found the annoying alarm clock. I finally found it and smacked my hand down on it as hard as I could, and I found great in the sudden peace. It was a relief not having the horrible sound og ringing bells in my ears anymore. 

I forced my eyes open and found that everything was blurry, that's how tired I was. My body was heavy, as I had slept in 7 layers of wet clothes and it took every inch of every muscle in my entire body to just sit up in the bed. I hung my legs over the edge and ran a hand through my hair trying to understand why I was so tired. 

Oh yeah, we went out yesterday. Catalina, Mia Fleur and I. We went to Mike's party. They got drunk, I stuck with water. Hell at least I made one wise decision then. I ran my hands down my face and finally fought myself off the bed and to the bathroom. I didn't even look myself in the mirror. I went straight to the sink. I had to splash some cold water in my face. Maybe that would help. I turned on the cold water and it started running out of the little faucet. I cupped my hands under the faucet and let the cold water fill my hands completely before splashing it my face. I repeated the motion a couple of times and eventually started feeling more awake. 

Toothbrush stuffed in my mouth and the white foamy mixture running down from the corners of my mouth I felt SO sloppy. I didn't even care to keep my head over the sink. My face was puffy. My cheeks a little red. The rest of my face was pale. Paler than usual. The bags under my eyes were unusually puffy and dark. I saw some blues and purples there. My whole eye area looked as though I hadn't slept in ages, and I felt outstandingly tired. My mouth felt dry. I drank a sip of water after being done brushing my teeth. This had to be the most cursory I had ever been regarding my toothbrushing. I take that shit seriously, I don't want my teeth falling out at 55. 

I went back into my bedroom to find some clothes. Tired as I was, I wasn't feeling much today. Jeans and a T-shirt it was. I put half my hair in a bun at the top of my head and applied some makeup in hopes I would look a little more human. To be honest that makeup did a lot for me today. It made me go from homeless heroin-addict to somewhat presentable in no time. Of course I couldn't completely cover the bags under my eyes, but I did a pretty good job. 

I went downstairs with my phone and my backpack which had all my notebooks and the books I had needed for my homework last night. 

We had gotten home pretty late. Or well I had. I tried to make Catalina, Fleur and Mia come home with me, but they insisted in staying a little longer, so I let them. I didn't wanna deal with them, cause I was bored, tired and cranky. I quickly texted Catalina if they were all okay. To my surprise she replied pretty quickly. 'We're okay. A bit hungover. We all stayed at Mike's, we're picking you up in 15.' She replied. I was glad to know they were okay. 

I stuffed another tablespoon of yogurt with muesli in my mouth and chewed. I kept reminiscing what happened last night. I had tried to push it out of my mind, but I just couldn't. I had tried to block the thoughts, but it didn't help. I just couldn't forget what had happened. It shook me. 


"Wow you really look like shit." 

"Speak for yourself, Cat." I spat jokingly and hopped in the car next to her. "Fleur are you sure you're sober enough to drive?" I giggled and fastened my seatbelt. I enjoyed being the only one who wasn't hungover, but I was so tired it was almost the same thing. 

"Shut up anti-alcoholic or you can't drive with us," she joked and looked at me in the rear-view mirror as she pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose. I hope she was aware that it's not allowed to wear sunglasses in class. 

We got to school and I had no classes with the other girls before lunch, so they sped off to their classrooms and I went to my locker to pick up some books as I had none of the books that I would need for my first class in my backpack. I got to my locker, unlocked it and opened it to exchange books. The hall was filled with busy teenagers running back and forth trying to find their friends and classmates. 

Because I was so tired I found the noise very bothering. I bit down on my lip trying to handle my irritation and trying to block out the voices surrounding me. 

"Ella... hey," a voice spoke. I looked to my right where the voice had come from. I stiffened a little and swallowed a lump that had formed in my throat. 

"Hi." I simply spoke and moved my hair from my left to my right shoulder. It was the guy from last night. He didn't look too good either. Looked like he had a pretty rough night. I spotted a bruise starting to form on his cheekbone right under his skin. It looked like he had tried to cover it up a little. 

"Ella I'm really sorry... I was-" 

"It's fine." I cut him off and looked at him. I pressed my lips together and manage to form a faint smile. My fingers were trembling a little from nervousness. "Don't think about it." I added and shut my locker, turned right around and left him standing there. 


I met with the girls at lunch. We sat at the same table as always. It was almost like an unwritten rule that people sort of had "their own" tables. Like ordering the same dish every time you go to a restaurant. Just the usual. 

Lunch was nothing to cheer over today. Not today either. But at least today there were sandwiches, so I had bought ont of those and a bottled water. Catalina had bought some fries and so had Mia. Fleur had gotten something that I wasn't even sure what was. It looked suspicious. 

The other girls were chatting and talking about last night and all the things that had happened after I left. I think I overheard Mia giggling like a little girl because she had flirted a lot with Jonathan last night, which was good. Maybe then they'd soon be an item at last. Fleur kept on telling some story while I looked like I was listening and took a bite of my sandwich. This was possibly the driest sandwich in the world and I really regretted not getting fries. 

I must've been staring out into empty air again. Mia laid a hand on my shoulder and gave me a worried look. I looked at her a bit confused and managed to mumble a 'what' with my mouth full of dry sandwich. "Are you okay? You're so silent today." She said with a bit of worry in her voice as she sent me a faint smile .

I nodded a bit and furrowed my brows in confusion, "yea? Why wouldn't I be?" 

"Just what happened yesterday," Mia said and took hand off my shoulder. "Have you talked to Justin yet?" She then added. 

I grunted a bit and looked down at my water bottle. "No," I said silently. "No I haven't." I licked my lips nervously not wanting to have this talk right now. 

"Shouldn't you?" Fleur then said placing her elbows on the edge of the table leaning a bit forward with a faint smile on her lips. "He did help you out after all." 

"Oh yea," I nodded a bit and plastered a fake smile on my face. "He was such a big help, he just straight up threatened a guy in the face and beat the other one up. What a hero." I spat already annoyed by the conversation. I grabbed my tray with my water and sandwich on it and left the table. I might have overreacted, but I didn't want to have this dumb conversation. 


I still hadn't talked to any of the girls. I even walked home from school, because I knew if I drove with them they would keep asking me about yesterday night, which I definitely did not want. 

When I got home I saw something unusual. There was something in the picture that wasn't supposed to be there. Dad's car. They must've come home from Montreal early. Great. Now I would get inside and they'd ask me what I had been up to, and I didn't even have time to come up with a proper lie. 

"Mom? Dad?... I'm home." I said when I got inside the house. Mom was in the kitchen unpacking groceries and dad was on the phone as usual. 

"Hey honey!" My mom said and gave me a tight hug and kissed my hair. I hugged her back, but I was confused why they were home this early. 

"You're back early from Montreal?" I said and looked at her puzzled. 

"Yes I know honey! It wasn't that serious after all so we thought we'd come early to surprise you!" She said happily and pushed my hair behind my ears on both sides of my head. "Now go do your homework honey, go on." She said smiling as I went to my room and closed the door so I could get some peace to do my homework. 

I never got far with my homework. The only thing on my mind was Justin. Not that I wanted him to be there, but I couldn't seem to let go of the fact that he punched that guy last night. Nothing happened right? He just bumped into Justin, which resulted in Justin pouring his drink over my shirt. But Justin... he went off. I have never seen anyone get so agitated from something so small. The way Justin grabbed that pour guy by the color of his shirt and talked to him in a such condescending way... I felt slightly scared of him in that second. Justin was definitely not someone you wanted to piss off... the other guy figured that pretty quickly. 




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