the golden paradise


4. secrets

                  I did not know how long Patricia and I were running, all I knew was that London was passing by me and the lights were leaving me in a blur. I knew that I should trust Patricia and have her show me this world I have took so long to discover. We kept on running, passed the bus station, passed a few shops, passed a park, we never stopped. My pace was not as fast as Patricia's but my heart kept on racing, faster by the minute, it was as if I needed to find something or do something.

                 We came to a stop at a 24-hour diner place which was the only shop opened at this hour. I thought Patricia was hungry and wanted to ask her what she wanted to eat when she quickly dashed up a flight of stairs, pulling me with her. We climbed and climbed until my legs were sore but we kept on climbing. It was a few more flights of stairs when we finally reached a corridor that was lit up by neon lights. It was a rooftop diner with a small bar for refreshments. Aside from the few people lingering at the bar and eating their fries, the diner was perfectly empty, but what astonished me the most was the view it gave.

                 There, outside of the rooftop diner, was a scenery that has never crossed my mind before, it was London,in a very beautiful way. I had a bird's eye view of the whole main town. Dots of light decorated the scene and I was truly in awe. I was eager to find a place to put my bag and enjoy the scenery when Patricia walked up to me.

                " There's no time for settling down, Anthony. We have a whole town to discover before sun rise. I want to show as much as I can, " I had literally no clue why she wanted to show me things but something in the way she looked at me made me want to do possibly anything she could ask.

                Patricia lead me down the flight of stairs. Holding my hand as tight as she could, it was as if she was afraid I would escape. My heart was still racing by the time we got on the deserted streets and if Patricia took time to enjoy this moment she would have felt the slight electric current running wild between our hands. She pulled me over to a large building with amazing architecture. I took a look at the sign and was astonished that she brought me to a library. The sign on the outside of the library clearly read that it was past the time to enter and I was about to tell  Patricia this when she took out a key. 

               " Are you a librarian or something? Are you sure your boss wouldn't mind if we snucked in this time of the day..." Before I had time to finish my sentence, Patricia pulled me into the library with her. To my astonishment, the library was  big and grand with endless rows of books from the early centuries to the time we are living right now. Everything and anything could be found in the books this library contains.

                " I guess it's really hard to keep a secret from people like you," Patricia gave me one of her sad smiles that immediately made me felt guilty. " I was given this library after my dearest friend died, he was my soon-to-be husband, but I did not truly loved him the way he loved me..He was on the way to the harbour when he got into an accident." 

                " I'm so sorry to hear that.... I hope you are still doing fine," I felt even more stupid for not knowing how to help her.

                "I've never been better, somehow I felt more relaxed than I ever been. Here let me show you the secret place where all the best books are hidden, I've only found out about this a few days ago when I was cleaning the shelves." Patricia grabbed my hand and guided me down a pathway that had a sign saying the room ahead was the children's reading section. The library was dark and chilly since there was not much light . If the usual me walked in to this part of the library, I would have been really cautious, but having Patricia guiding me down the corridors, I felt a sudden jolt of anticipation and warmth. 

                We finally reached a part of the library where there were three large windows overlooking the streets ahead. A shelf of books was placed near the left window. Patricia took one of the books out and the flat wall next to the shelf clicked open, revealing a door that was hidden before. She opened the door carefully and lighted a match to burn all the candles in the circular room. I carefully walked into the spacious room and was shocked to see that the books lining the shelves were thick books that lined the Hogwarts shelves. I pulled one of the books out and was amazed to see that it was a book about magical herbs and spices that could cure any sickness. 

               " I'm not really sure how these books got here since there are no stated publishers in any of these books but I've been reading a few of these and it seems to me there are other people capable of doing the magic taught in these books. Your the only person who knows about this so I hope that you can keep a secret. "

                I took another book out from the shelves and a piece of paper fell out from the thick cover. The paper was stained and had runes written all over it. I picked up the paper from the floor and examined it closely. It was a close up drawing of a garden behind a building which had three large windows. I compared the picture with the three large windows at the outside of the circular room and was shocked to see that both had the exact similarity.

               "Is there a garden behind this library?" I asked Patricia curiously.

               " Yes, there is one, I spent all my teenage years there, reading and writing, its a beautiful place, "

               " Look at this picture of it,It looks simply stunning," I showed the drawing to Patricia and her eyes immediately lit up. 

               "Anthony, you found the treasure map that my late husband told me about before he died! This is amazing, I've been cracking my head all summer long just to find this map he's been telling me," I felt uneasy with the mention of Patricia' husband for whoever could own such a large library was certainly a very rich and powerful person but all together, seeing Patricia so overwhelmed about something made me felt glad for her in a sincere way. 

                She took the drawing from me and examined it closely.

                " This drawing leads us nowhere, there's no directions or anything that indicates anything," The smile on Patricia's face stared to fade and with the fear of seeing her becoming sad, I quickly took another look at the runes drawn on the paper.

                " It says here with magical light you can anything your heart desires," I slowly translated the runes to Patricia and by the look on her face, she has clearly never heard or seen someone who can translate the runes this efficiently. 

                " My father will be really astonished when he meets you, no one can translate the runes the way he does, you're a first, so what do you think we should do? Is there a way to get magical light here?" I was strucked to hear that she did not know anything about her history or her family and was about to tell her when an idea flooded my mind, I could surprise her just the way she surprised me.

                 " Wanna see something that could blow your mind away?" I took out my wand and mouthed the words " Lumus, " a spark of light immediately shined on my wand and I watched Patricia's amazed face with satifaction. 

                 " You're a wizard, holy, is this even real! My dad told me lots and lots of stories about you guys but I never thought i seen one do magic," Patricia exclaimed in surprise. 

                 " Your father, he's ghghohgiihzzxhzhhzzhhzzz," It was as if a strange force was resticrting me from finishing my sentence,the more I wanted to say the words out, the more the funny sounds came out from my mouth. 

                 " Look the treasure seems to be hidden in this wall right outside the building, come on," and just like that Patricia pulled me back into reality and took my hand. I swallowed back all my words and ran after her, into the gardens at the back of the library.

                  She followed the drawing and came to a halt in front of the wall with the three large windows.This time, we could see the shelves of books from the outside. 

                 " Anthony, give me a lift, " She climbed onto me and reached up to a brick  on the wall. " It says here on the drawing that the brick with a craving of a water lily, is where the treasure is hidden, I wondered why no one found out about this," 

                 " Did you find it?" I tried to push Patricia higher but my useless muscles were not the job for it. 

                 " Look, Anthony, I found it!" and with that Patricia pulled out the brick and took out a small treasure chest engraved with floral patterns. She jumped off me and was jumping around enthuistically.

                 " Open it ," I gestured to the lock on the chest.

                 " Good thing I carried this key, Margo gave me,"

                 Assuming Margo was her late husband, I watched in awe as Patricia slowly opened the chest to reveal a delicate bracelet with the most beautiful stones anyone could imagine. 

                 Patricia looked like she was about to burst into tears, she stuffed the bracelet into her pocket and took a out a small scroll from the chest, it read,

this is the golden paradise I wanted to give you, Patricia

May you always be who you truly are

                                                               Love, Margo.

                  Tears were spilling out from Patricia's eyes and I felt so sorry for her. She stood up to leave and I followed quietly.


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