the golden paradise


5. run

 The next day was Gathan and Rina's anniversary. I wore the tux and the ruby locket proudly as I entered the ballroom where many people were gathered. 

                    After the marvellous feast of turkey, apricot and herbs garnished fish, pumpkin soup and many other dishes of the Brandonson's likings, Gathan went up onto the stage to give a speech. And like always, the speech was filled with all his memories and why he cherished Rina..... I was in a daze and did not care much about what was happening around me. That's when a waiter came over and said that Gathan wants to have a word with me.

                     I entered a small room at the back of the ballroom and saw GAthan dressed in his best clothes for the occasion.

                    " Have a seat, Anthony, it's been a very long time," He chuckled 

                    " How have you been, sir?" I asked politely as i took my seat.

                    " Always a happy man, I guess. But that's not why I called you over. I had you come and meet me here in this room today is to tell you that my daughter which you met yesterday is a pure muggle, me and Rina adopted her. "

                     " I see "

                    " But I never told her anything about our family history and I'm not ready to tell her either. so that's why your voice was blocked out when you tried to tell her about it," Gathan eyed me knowingly.

                     " You should let her know, hiding things from a girl like her is the worst thing I could possibly think of right now, she cried when she found something Margo left her!" I was filled with rage from what Gathan had to say.

                     " Don't talk to mne like you know my daughter better than I do Anthony, she's better this way, I think you should leave," Gathan too sounded ,ad.

                    " You know what I think I should and I'm going to bring her with me!" I had no idea what took over me, this was not the normal me andthe normal me would never do anything of this sort. 

                     I ran out of the room,  leaving Gathan in complete shock and found Patricia sitting by a table. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the streets, running with all my might, I had no idea where I was going but that is what an adventure is right, there's no fixed destination, you go where your heart wants you to go and enjoy the moment...

                    " Where are we going Anthony?" Patricia was calm, that was what I felt special about her.

                    " Somewhere called the golden paradise," 


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