the golden paradise


2. Rodger Stones

          I woke up pretty early the next day, not wanting to waste another second. I could not sleep that night with all the excitement boiling inside of me. I put on my old coat and was ready to beg William to bring me with him to the muggle world as it has been over three years since I last set foot there and I could not afford to get lost again. I hurriedly smoothen my hair and dashed out of my miniature room, almost knocking over a few trays of mouth-watering breakfast prepared by the cooks.

         William always had his room on the third floor of the apartment where the view was just nice. I came to a halt just in time before I banged into something big. Turns out the something was actually Will. It was no wonder he was not  in his room, he never liked confined places. 

         " Woah, Anthony, I've never seen you so anticipated before! What's the occasion? " Will glared at me with his dark blue eyes which could have melted any girls heart.

         " Will, remember how I told you I wasn't fit for adventure, well now I think it won't hurt that much to actually follow you to the muggle world so that i can attend this anniversary." I stared back into Will's eyes trying as hard as I could for him to see the glow in my eyes.

         "Well, you could have told me a bit earlier cause one of the Stones brothers asked me for a lift to London too, I think he's off to look at this monument he thinks that was once a descendants from the family..."

          "I'm sure you don't mind having another passenger, do you?" I was eager to get myself a ride to London since it would cost me extra to get there the muggle-way.

          " I don't mind at all to be honest, I've always wanted company. Besides you and Stones are the last people on my mind who would ever go to London since the rumours about adult kidnapping are still on the rise. But are you sure you won't mind squeezing in a little with Rodger Stones?He's very sensitive sometimes."

            There was a tone I didn't like from the way Will was telling me this, it was as if I should think twice about it.

            But i could not possibly think twice. Besides Will there is no one left I could trust to give me a lift to London and back.

          " I don't mind, it's a short trip anyways..."

          "Glad you don't mind at all. So we'll be leaving on Thursday so you better pack up before Rodger gives you one of his speeches about punctuality." Will gave me a wink of his eye and quickly stomped off in the other direction.

          I was not looking forward for the trip to London with Rodger. It could have been any Stones brother, I would not even mind sharing my seat with Carlos Stones who has a massive obsession over muggle singers who can do twerks like a pro. Anyone but Rodger. He was quiet, in the sense that being near him could have silence anyone. He knew how to make you feel bad and the way he tells you what to do and when to do it makes people feel like kicking him hard.


          " Hey, Anthony!" I heard a call from downstairs and quickly looked down from my window, in the midst of locking up my luggage for the trip to London.

          " You done up there?" It was Will, parking his four-wheeler in one of Madame Rozie's flower patches. I would have love to travel by broomsticks or did some apparition to get to London but I needed Will's help so I would not get lost in downtown London and have a place to stay the night, so the only way to let Will know you want to stay with him is by following him around for the whole trip, except the part where he visits his parents and I go for the anniversary.

          " Ya, about that , i'm going to be down in a jiff," I hurriedly locked my overflowing and mouthed a spell so that my bad could carry itself down the stairs.

          Rodger was already there when I arrived at the flower patch where the car was parked. Will loved the way muggles travelled, troublesome but intriguing, he would always say. I eyed Rodger carefully while loading my bag into the car. He had his eyes closed and was standing very straight.

         "You know it's rude to stare at people when you're the one being late," He slowly opened his eyes and glared back at me. I was so taken aback by his coldness that I secretly made a note to myself, never to stare at Rodger again.

         " Guys,nobody's late,we're just on time, hop on. It's going to be a long journey so you guys better get yourselves comfortable," Will called out from the front of the car.

         Rodger grunted and took the seat in front and that left me with the seat at the back which was technically full due to all the luggage.

         " Mind if I make the seats a bit wider?" I called out to the front while squeezing myself into the cramped car.

          " NO time for your mindlessness, go, just go Will! Young men like him will learn how to deal with it!" And with a swish of his wand, Rodger closed the door, narrowly missing my foot. Will pressed the accelerator and off we went dashing down the empty roads in the morning sun. Not much of an adventure yet.


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