the golden paradise


3. London

               I could barely open my eyes as the car dashed through the morning sun which was slowly rising from the horizon. I took a peek at the back of the old four-wheeler and saw that Madame Rozie's All Cheap Expense Room Rental Service was slowly getting smaller and by the time Will took a turn, it disappeared from view and I somehow had a sudden purge of regret bubbling inside of me. Maybe I should have stayed back at the wizarding world and ignore the fact that I got invited for anything......

              " You sure know how to drive, Will," Rodger broke the endless silence that was starting to creep up on me.

              " I wonder if that was a compliment or an insult, Rodger?" said Will. " I can't really tell from this very serious expression you are holding."

              " It's an insult," replied Rodger in his most annoying voice as if spitting out a bird was as normal as driving a car. " You can show us how amazing you are as a driver but I,m not sure if travelling with you guys for a whole day can make me feel comfortable."

               " You can apparate or use your broomstick but I like to enter the muggle world the way muggles do," Will was starting to get a bit edgy over what Rodger had to say. "I've told you travelling with me will be a waste and a gain in both time and experience so if you are in a hurry why bother to stay?"

                I was starting to get really uncomfortable with Rodger and Will's conversation. It had a rough start and if I did not do something right away to distract them I was going to have to endure this whole thing for a whole day and considering how squeezy the back seat was I really did not have much choice.

                " You know being the middle man of this whole conversation, I will really like it if you guys let me express my opinion regarding your problems, it seems to me that......."

               " We never asked for your opinions and in my point of view your opinions have no use to us anyways," just like that Rodger stopped me from saving the day and I was back at my very cramp seat counting down the hours.


                By nightfall, we finally arrived at the bus station leading to Mason square. I quickly got off the car and waited for them to climb out too. It was a torturious ride and my body was aching. I looked back at them and saw both Rodger and Will staring back at me, waiting for me to unload my bag.

                " I know you guys had a rough ride but please don't expect me to help you guys out too,"

                " We're not getting out here, Anthony, me and Rodger are going to Perkin's, I'm just giving you a lift. Trust me, Mason square is the most easiest part of London and there's a map in your bag if you ever get lost. Take the bus to Third Riders Road and find a place to stay, buckingham hall is not far from there." said Will.

                It was like as if cold water was splashed all over me, the reality was now so depressing I could have sweared I peed in my pants. I was not sure I could survive London on my own even tough I was a wizard and all, London was still the last place I would  ever set foot on and without Will, all the fear inside of me kept bubbling up. Just before I had time to think things through and tell Will I have changed my mind, Will pressed the car's accelerator and made a u-turn.

               " One last thing, I'll be here on Monday morning to pick you up, so be sure to take care, gotta go, bye Anthony, make amazing choices!" Will shouted over the growing sounds of the bus station.

               And just like that I was left all alone on the platform with a bulky suit case.I did not get a single world Will said and like a lost child, I wandered into the station to look at the timetable heading to Third Riders Street. I could not get my head over the last thing that Will said. It was the only thing in my mind and it was something about making choices.

                I wandered further into the slightly thinner crowd, the bus station was getting emptier by the second. The normal me would have had a complete meltdown knowing that there was nowhere to go and no place to stay, but since even Will could not wait to get rid of me, I could not wait to get rid of myself too.

               Suddenly, a young lady came running in my direction. She was everything that could describe beauty and she was as lively as the chirping birds back at my place. She seemed to be in a hurry and did not see where she was going. A trolley carrying some luggage dashed out of nowhere and almost hit her. She stumbled backwards and with a swish of my hand I quickly grabbed her before she fell. 

               It was as if time had stopped everything, it was not those kind of love stories that explained how your feelings were suspended but a new kind of emotion came crawling into me and as I stared into her hazel eyes I somehow felt just as adventurous as she would be. Her hair felt soft under my hands and she stared into my eyes the way I did to her or maybe that was what my brain was saying. We stood in that position for some time and my knees started to shake a little, holding a girl in midair was not as easy as it seemed. The girl suddenly stood up and stared at me like I was a mytical being.

              " Thanks kind sir for your act of good deed...I'm Patricia Brandonson, " she muffled her messy hair and took out her hand to offer me a handshake.

              I shoke her hand gently and reality suddenly sank down upon me. I mumbled her name under my breath, it was such a coincidence, this was Gathan's daughter and she was perfectly stunning, nothing like Gathan at all. I wanted to know more about her but stopped myself from doing it. I was probably struck dumb by the fact that Will left me at a bus station all alone but I could not lose my opportunity to know such a beautiful young women.

              " What's your name?" asked Patricia. I was so strucked dumb that I nearly forgot to introduce myself.

               " Anthony...Anthony Horosmith, meeting you," I did not know why my voice sounded so shocked or that I was fumbling with my words. I quickly took a glance at her and saw that she perfectly had no suck knowledge about the Horosmith.

            " You seem lost, care to join me on an adventure?" Patricia eyed me questioningly. It was as if she could sense my fear of this new world I was entering or she basically knew all I needed right now was something to get my mind off things.

            " Sure, I have no clue where I'm suppose to go right now, so I think an adventure will be fine," I could not believe what I just said. After ignoring all of the adventures Will has been offering me, I was actually accepting an adventure from a girl I hardly known. 

            Patricia nodded to me with a smile. A genuine smile. She took my hand and pulled me with her into an adventure that I hope was going to be worthwhile.

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