A day (or night) to remember with 5sos

In a small suburb called western sydney. A punk rock band called five seconds of summer.
Have a A day (or night) to remember with some fans .


3. First date to the movies

So where our we all of too said Maya well said Luke and the others from 5sos were of to the movies . That sounds fun said carla what movie our we watching. All the boys said ghostbusters 3 then the 4 teenage girls said your song you wrote for the movie is called (Girls Talk Boys) Ashton said it sure is my lovely  fans ..

we all got to the counter to collect our movie tickets ... The lady standing at the counter said hello how can i help you on this fine and lovely evening ... Luke said can we please have 8 tickets for ghostbuster 3 ... sure thing said the lady serving at the counter enjoy your'e night .

So michael said who's going to sit next ?

Ashley said i want to sit next to luke , Carla said i want to sit next to Ashton , Lucy said i want to sit with Michael and Maya said ill sit next to Calum . All the guys said that a great decision sure is said the teenage 

girls all in excitement .


Hey luke ,Michael , Ashton and calum - is this a date or just a hanging out night said  Lucy .... Michael said it sure is a date .... your not joking said Ashley are you Michael .....  Nope where serious we love to take a fans on dates some of the mangers don't like the idea of us guys dating fans but you know what who  cares about there rules ... As Michael Says I can do what i want cause i'm PUNK ROCK!!!!!!!  

So lets see what happens in the next chapter....

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