Rich meets Bad

Sunggyu is turning eighteen soon and all he wants, is to find his true love. He had every thing in his life expect love. Sure he has his brothers and friends to look after him and show him love and care, but he just wants to find love and care in a lover. So what happened when Rich meets Bad? Read on and fine out. Woohyun — (21) He's the leader of the mafia called Infinite. He's the cold, but sometimes he's playful and sweet. He and his gangs are badder than bad. But that is soon going to change...maybe. <slow updates>


1. My hyung is a liar

My hyung is a liar

'Oppa? You are so cute, will you like to go out with me?' Asked a beautiful looking girl. 'Really? You want to go out with me?' A boy asked not believing his own ears. ' what do you say?' She asked once again. 'Yes. A thousand times 'yes'. 

'I love you oppa'.

'I love you too' And with that said. The newly couple were about to seals their lips together, but was interpreted by the ringing of an alert clock. 

Ring*Ring*Ring*. Waking up with a groan, said boy wanted to murmur his alert clock. However, stopped when he realized he didn't have an alert clock. 

"Morning Sunggyu, it's time to wake up," Said Sungjong with a playful smirk on his face. "What time is it?" He asked as he rolls off his bed. 

"Oh it's only 6am. Why?"

"Why? Why? It's freaking 6am in the morning, and you came in here to wake me? I don't even  have school right now. Wake me up in one hour, I'm going back to sleep" replied Sunggyu as he turned his back to Sungjong and soon fell asleep, but woke back up when Sungjong said.

"But Sunggyu, the new maid is here, and she's sooo cute," Said Sungjong smiling evilly to himself. "New maid? Cute? Ok I'm waking up, but she better be cuter than the other ones.

"Oh trust me; she's cute."

Sunggyu POV**

An hour later after Sungjong told me about the new 'maid'. I toke showers and got dressed for school, but not only that. I made myself look handsome and delicious, so I can seduce this new maid into loving in love with me. Why am I doing this? Well, because all the maids we had so far had fallen for my brothers and never me. Weird part is they never even give any attention to the maids. Maybe no one was meant to love me...

Clearing that though from my mind I when down stairs to meet the new maid. 

"Oh Sunggyu you're up, but you don't have school in like one hour" my oldest brother asked me. "I know hyung, but I wanted to see the new maid" I smiled shyly at him. 

"New maid? Are you referring to the new butler?" Asked Myoungsoo.

"New butler? New butler? NEW BUTLER? SUNGJONG YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT NOW" I shouted as I ran upstairs to Sungjong room. 

"Hyung, you lied to me" I said as I busted into his room. 

"No I didn't" Said Sungjong, who was now giving my the 'oh I can't believe you fell for that' look. "And before you kill the new butler". 

Few seconds later, a really good looking and handsome man walked into Sungjong room and bow.

"Hello Master Sunggyu. My name is Choi Seung-hyun, but you can called me T.O.P for short. And no...I'm not T.O.P from BigBang. I wish, but I'm not. Nice to meet you" he bow down once again when he finished his big intro. 

"Ok good to know. Anyway Sungjong you lied to me about there being a new maid" I said pouting my lips. "Oh Sunggyu my little maknae, don't worry about that because T.O.P here is handsome and is your personal butler. He is responsible for caring you to school and bring you back safely". "I hate you hyung. You lied to me" "I know Sunggyu, I'm sorry. Now stop pouting and give your hyung a hug" said Sungjong opening his arms. 

One one POV***

Going in and hugging his hyung, Sunggyu missed the big evil smirk on Sungjong face. 

"And Sunggyu? Should you be leaving for school? Because it will soon start in fifteen minutes" Said Sungjong. 

"Ahh. See what yo did hyung? You're going to make me late for school" Sunggyu quickly said as he exited Sungjong room and when downstairs to say goodbye to his brothers. 

"T.O.P? Shouldn't you be leaving too?" Asked Sungjong. 

"Oh sorry" Top quickly too made his exit. 

"I'M OFF TO SCHOOL" yelled Sunggyu.

*Sigh* "Today is going to be a lone day" Sunggyu whisper to himself, as the car took off to his school.
Hey guys first chapter, I just hope you guys like it.

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