we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


8. keep the friends close

Y/N: is that a problem?

Cameron: oh uh no no! It's cool it's cool


A little moment of silence breaks


Cameron: so how are you? Are you close by around here?


Y/N: im doing great,and I guess, I mean I'm not too far from here


Cameron: that's good


Another awkward silence breaks. You both look at each other and you know something is up.


Cam whispers: who does your friend like in Mag con?


Y/N: Mark


Cameron smiles and takes out his phone. He starts to text and moments later Mark knocks on the door.


Mark: is Y/FN in here?


Y/FN face was priceless. She was shocked and full of excitement. Mark walks over to Y/FN and takes out his hand, do you wanna go grab some food?


Y/FN: sure


Y/FN smiles as Mark holds her hand walking to the door. Mark looks back and says


Mark: I got this


Cam gives him a smile and a thanks

Cam: um hey, I hope you're okay with that.... it's just that i really want to be alone with you.

Y/N: are you kidding me? What you did was great. Y/FN is probably fangirling as much as I am right now. I'm happy that Y/FN will have a good time.

Cam smiles.

you both take a seat on the couch

----------- proceed to "you and me both " --------------

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