we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


6. big day baby

Y/FN comes out and gives you a signal to meet at the lineup to order.

Y/NF: so are you excited for today?

Y/N: are you kidding?? We have been waiting for this day for months !!!

Y/FN: yeah! I can't believe it's finally the day!

After you order, you ate and begin to walk to the bus stop to the subway.
You buy your ticket and get on the train. Finally an hour later you make it to your destination.

Y/FN: let's go let's go! Hurry up!

Y/N: I'm coming!

You both run out of the subway station and to the meet and greet arena

Y/FN: I think I see a line already! Move those muscles!!

Y/N: I'm trying! You know I don't run! Besides we are four hours early!!!

Finally you make it and actually the line up is really nothing. It's just the V.I.P line that's in use right now and that includes us and the eight in front of us.

V?I.P meet and greets don't start until two hours later so right now it's just a game of waiting. You chat with Y/FN about things on your mind, what happened on Twitter, drama at school, celebrity gossip,etc. during that time, the line got longer and the general admissions line was huge.

Finally meet and greet time! At this point hundreds of people are standing outside. The V.I.P guests made their way into the arena to meet the boys. Immediately the group of fan girls began to scream.


Y/FN: I see Aaron!

Y/N: Cameron!!!

Y/FN: It's our turn!!

Y/N: let's go! My hands are shaking right now!

Finally it's your turn! Y/FN took photos first so you could take the photos for her. You took a photo with Y/FN and the Magcon boys at the end. Then it was your turn. You took a photo with each boy and even the legendary piggyback photo with Jacob Sartourius. Then, the moment you have been waiting for. Cameron.

Y/N: Cameron!!

You ran towards his direction and he ran as well. You both run into a great bear hug! Y/NF got the whole thing on video!

Cameron: hey beautiful!

Cameron stops and looks at you for a moment than smiles

Cameron: you're the girl who tweeted me yesterday

Y/N: you remember! Yup it's me aha.

Cameron: I made it didn't I? 

Y/N: You sure did.

Cameron pulls you in for a tight hug and then you break apart.

Cameron: so photos?

Y/N: heck yeah!

You and Cameron take a simple photo where you stand together, and then another photo where he kisses your cheek. 

This is the moment you have been waiting for. The kiss on the lip photo with his finger in between! 

Cam whispers: don't put your finger on your lip.

You gave him a confused face but Cam continues to pull you in closer. He puts his hand on your waist and you put your arm around his neck. Your lips meet and the both of you let out a tiny smile. On the inside you're screaming with excitement because you just kissed Cameron Dallas! but why ruin the moment? 

The two of you pull apart and when you turn to the side, Y/FN face was priceless. She was dying with excitement.

Cameron smiles at you. 

Cameron: Meet me after the meetup.

You give him a smile and said yes.

Cameron: I'll see you later.

Y/N: Bye Cameron!


Y/FN: OMG! You kissed Cameron Dallas!!!! That's litterally every fans dream!

Y/N: I know! I'm shaking!

Y/FN: I spammed your phone with photos and videos so sorry if you run out of space soon

Y/N: Nah its fine

Y/FN: Hey what did Cam say to you before you left?

Y/N: He asked to meet him after the meetup!

Y/FN: That's so cool! Ooo what do you think is going to happen?

Y/FN winks at you a numerous amount of times. You give her a little push and give her an annoyed face while smiling

Y/N: Chill, I don't know what is going to happen but whatever that happened today already has already been the best thing ever.

Y/FN: Amen!

Y/N: Do you want to go down the street to the cafe? Im pretty sure the meetup is going to last a few hours

Y/FN: Yes please. Coffee time!

You both broke into laughter and left the area. 

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