we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


2. and then it happened

Magcon is coming to an end and tomorrow is their last show in your city __________.

You decide to ring up Y/FN.

Y/N: Hey Y/FN! Are you ready for tomorrow?? AHH! I can't wait to see Cam and the boys!

Y/FN: I'm so pumped! Mark is going to be there! I kind of shaking right now aha

Y/N: Same! What are you going to wear?

Y/F: I was thinking of maybe this outfit with a cute pink cardigan with a white crop and light ripped shorts. But I'm going to DIY the crop with Mark's username on it!

Y/N: That sounds really cute! I dig it!

Y/FN: What about you?

Y/N: It will be a surprise!

Y/FN: okkkk!

Y/N: yep!

Y/FN: I heard there's going to be a lot of people going to the meetup.. people are tweeting for different countries about coming here to see them!

Y/N: Damn, that's crazy, but we have V.I.P tickets.. I think we're gonna be okay. I just don't feel like waiting in line for more than six hours!

Y/FN: True that! Anyways Y/N I gotta go, dinner is ready.

Y/N: oh okay, talk to you later!

you hang up the phone and you grab your computer.

Y/N: hmm let's see where these fans are coming from that Y/FN was talking about

You go on twitter and first thing you see is 5 new twitter notifications and 2 DMs. The hashtag #MagconIn(state/country/city you live in) is trending, but as you look down a little more, you see the hashtag #OhNoMagcon! That doesn't sound good...

You go through your ntifications and see 25 new followers, a mention from Y/FN and 3 RT's. Into your DMs are those automated messages from people you recently followed. Then the hashtags. A bunch of people are tweeting from nearby cities... that's not too bad I mean its nothing to crazy like crossing seas or anything.

You take a deep breath and click on the hashtag #OhNoMagcon!. A bunch of tweets and even Cameron said that their tour bus got lost! They are trying to find their way back.

Y/N: OMG! What the heck?!?!

You get scared because you don't know if they will make it on time. Quickly you tweet with the hastag:

#OhNoMagcon! @/CameronDallas I hope you guys are okay and that you can find your way back!!!! (your city/country/state) is dying to meet you boys!

Deep breath Y/N. It's going to be okay. But honestly that's so weird, I never heard of a lost tour bus...

Mom: Y/N! Dinner is ready!

Y/N: Coming!


it's about 12:00 in the morning and all you can think about is hoping that Magcon can make it tomorrow...

You pull out your phone and suddenly something is up. Your phone is blowing up with notifications! A bunch of tweets, replies and follows!

You get onto Twitter and you couldn't believe your eyes. All the tweets were congrats! and You're so lucky! tweets.

Holy. Cow. Cam followed me and tweeted me!!!

You begin to shake in excitement. Cameron replied to the tweet I made with the hashtag #OhNoMagcon! saying:

@/your twitter username We're alright babe ❤ Don't worry we will make it, I can't wait to see you!

The screaming and fangirling continues. You screenshot the tweet about a million times and then his profile which is now saying "Follows You" ❤ ahh!!!!

Your mom walks in

mom: Y/N! What is all the screaming about??? It's TWELVE IN THE MORNING!

Y/N: Cameron followed me and replied to my tweet mom!!! This is every fangirls dream!!!!!

mom: That's awesome! Now can you please keep the screaming to a minimum?? pleaaase??

Y/N: okay okay fiiinee

mom: Thank you. Good night Y/N.

Y/N: Night mom

She walks out.

You update your twitter bio and then tries to go to sleep, or else those eye bags are going to scare everyone.

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