gay love story

this is a story about Daniel, a high school student who is bullied he is 5'0 he is in grade 11 and is a very good artist. wait till everyone finds out hes gay. then he meets mike a wolf, kind and guess

im sorry i just want to see where this goes and im new to this


1. chapter 1- beginning of new ties

this is my first actual story so please enjoy



 I walk to school like usual no one even bothered to glance at me. I head to my locker and grab my books from it, and start heading towards class. That's when I see jack, the school bully. He walks up to me and says, "Hey shrimp!" and shoves me away from him. The moment I know that I am going to lose balance on my two left feet I drop my books and try to stop my fall. Jack, comes over and kicks me hard in the stomach. I scream in pain. I feel like my insides turn to liquid and curl into a ball to try to get rid of the pain that he inflected on me. When they stop they just leave me there without a word still curled up in a ball. I'm crying in pain, covered in bruises, and cuts. I get up slowly trying to make sure my breakfast doesn't show up again. I limp my way to my classroom and walk in. Like always no one looks my way or even at the kid limping into the room. They are all to busy with there phones or talking to there friends. 


"Another long day I guess." I sighed to myself. I head straight to the back of the room where I know my friend would be if he weren't out sick today. I sit down and grab out my sketch book. I fumble through those pages for a while. Every time I here someone enter the class I look up and see if I know them.

          That's when I see a super cute blonde guy walk in, he looks new. When he looks in my direction I quickly open my book and begin to sketch a wolf on a new page. He walks up to me and sits beside my desk. I just keep starting at him. He doesn't look like the time of guy that would just sit down at the back of the class, so why is he sitting back here with me? Does he know that I am trouble to be next to?

           "Hi. I'm Andrew," he told me. No one but my friends usually talk to me and I don't know him that good. I just realized then that I was staring at him like he had grown two heads. I turned my head away and trued to draw the wolf that I set myself to.

           "You might not want to associate with me." I replied quickly looking at him and turning my head away the moment I saw that he was watching me as well.. 

           "Why is that?" He asked curiously.

           "You just shouldn't." I responded back a little snappy. I knew that I wanted him to like me but I am curious as to how I could get that to happen with snapping at him.

          "Okay?" He said as he left and sat in the front where he got bombed by a lot of girls guys that were trying to act nice to him. I put my book down as Mr. Tencarre came in and started the lesson. 


at lunch


          I walk quickly to my rock outside and begin to eat my pulled pork wrap. Then jack came up me. Ovisly looking to fight me again and make me cry. 

          "Hey shrimp, how's the food?" he asked rhetorically as he knocked it out of my hands and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. 

          "It was good actually. I was hoping to finish it before you did that." I answered back. I was trying to be smart about this, but I almost always say the wrong things.

        "Okay. How about I help you eat it then." He told me laughing in my face.

          "Well what are you-" I was interrupted by a fist to my face. Blood drips from my nose when I hear a familiar voice from behind Jack. It took a while for the ringing in my ears to spot so I could hear what the person was saying.

           "Hey! lay off him!" I look over Jack's shoulders and see Andrew walking up and meeting the 6 foot bully. 

          "What are you doing?" Andrew asked casually.  

          "Beating this fag into the ground! What does it look like I am doing?!" Jack said as if he's been waiting all day to do so and was getting interrupted again. Andrew punches Jack in the face, and I'm dropped back onto my feet. My feet couldn't carry me at that point so the fall to the ground was as good as anytime I met it. 

          Jack's friends come in-front of Jack facing Andrew. They swap insults before they get to the real fighting bit and I was still on the ground hoping that I could get up from this again without help. the moment I knew that they would be fighting and more blood I turned my head. The sight of more blood covering the ground was not something that I wanted to see. Andrew, the one person who would stand up to them for me, was on a losing battle. When Andrew fell to the ground I knew that the fight was over and they had won.

         They leave us alone but not before spitting on Andrew like he was a bag of trash. They didn't even pay me a little attention and I was glad that they didn't. Before they left one of them kicked Andrew in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. This was his first day and he just learned the hard way not to screw around with those guys. 


cliff hangar, sorry but I need a break, credit to Gabriellecovington for doing a lot of editing for this story seriously check her out! anyway let me know what you think in the comments

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