Back in time

this is my first story and i hope it does good but even if it doesn't it'll be fun to right


1. Meet Mazie

Hey my name's Mazie Luna Lupin. Before you ask yes my dad's Remus Lupin, yes I'm a werewolf, no my dad didn't change me nor was i born like this, and no I don't know my mom. Does that answer all your questions? Good. Now I shall tell you how I became a werewolf. 



   I was four playing with my mom in the living room. Mind you this was a full moon so my dad wasn't home. When we heard the kitchen door snap in half. Next thing I know my mom is screaming and crying. She was saying "Don't hurt my baby! Please I'll do anything just don't hurt my little Mazie!" I walked over to the man, but mom pulled me back. The man got tired of her begging so he snapped her neck. At that moment I felt so much anger and hatred. Something no four year old should ever feel.Then he bit me and left me there in a puddle of my own blood.  I for some reason I can barely remember that.

****Flash-back End****

  Well now you know my story. I honestly disagree with my dad's view on us werewolves. Not all of us are monsters. We can be the sweetest people you know. I know one werewolf that is a monster. He's the one that bit me and my dad. His name's Fenrir Grey-back. Welp I guess i should start the story now

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