The Silver Scarf

Catrina comes to see the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead, as it really is.


1. The Cemetery


 I wake up to the sound of wings on the wind and look around to find myself sitting on the ground and leaning on a cool stone slab at my back. I clutch shaking legs to my chest as I take in the candles standing sentry on every tombstone I can see.

How did I get here?

 I face the east where the sun hovers hesitantly at dawn, the warmth already sticky on my skin. As the sun brightens in certainty a headache beats to life, reverberating off of my skull.

What happened?

My memories swirl in the haze of pain, forming faint pictures before escaping back in to the haze. The faint chatter of people snaps my attention to the right, where far off amongst the sea of stone they laugh, cracks spreading across their painted faces like spiders.

“My name…” I murmur to the warm air, coaxing a whisper of wind to reply.


“Catrina.” I recited, and my memories coalesced, picture and sound bombarded my senses as a memory stirred to life.

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