The Twin Towers

September 11, 2001 was the day of four terrorist attacks. I happened to be in one. The twin towers. I survived and here is my story. (Authors note) I was inspired to write this story because...well..My History teacher made me watch the full documentary. I cried.


2. 6:30 September 11, 2001


My alarm goes off. I stick my hand out of my blanket , and tap the snooze button. 

"I don't want to go to work today." I think to myself. Reluctant, I get up anyways while grabbing my phone on the night stand. 

Walking to the bathroom, my cat Sniggles, follows me there while brushing her soft white fur against my legs.

I laugh and pick her up," Today is going to be a great day." I say to her.

Sniggles and I make our way to the near kitchen bathroom and I brush my teeth.  The cat gets bored and trails off to the couch, her favorite spot. 

It's just me and my cat. After I'm done dressing, my phone beeps. Straightening up my collar, I go and check my phone.

A message from Steve. Steve: Hey cutie <3

I blush at this. Steve is so sweet. I text back, "See you at work." and finish my morning duties.

Steve and I met through our job a few years ago. We are both publishers. That means that we publish books, magazines, anything you can name!

A lot of my friends thought that we should start going on dates, so we did. And since then He's just been my boyfriend. Although, we don't live together yet. 

We came up with a plan to move with each other this weekend. I'm so excited that we're using my apartment. 

Still thinking about Steve, I make my way into my car and drive to work.

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