My Coloring Pages

All these pages are from four different coloring books for adults. They are supposed to help people with stress or anxiety, or simply to keep you away from your electronics.


4. Mar 7th, 2016

I'm not very fond of this one. At the time I colored it I was at my sister's place. My colors hadn't been found yet so all I had to work with were the select few that came with the book. I remember thinking I wanted two different colored leaves and the flowers to be bright colors. The male had to be darker colors and the female lighter. But it wasn't enough for me so I decided to split the males feathers down the middle and make them two colors. I also colored a black line in his beak that wasn't in the original drawing. The female also has a red tipped beak to make her more feminine. I think if I did this one again I'd incorporate brighter colors and have a wider span for the leaves.

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