My Coloring Pages

All these pages are from four different coloring books for adults. They are supposed to help people with stress or anxiety, or simply to keep you away from your electronics.


6. Mar 22nd, 2016

This was done in the middle of the night with my sister. We were up late coloring and watching movies and she didn't want to color alone. I knew she had recently colored this page herself and used similar colors to the stained glass window in Beauty and the Beast. So I went something different because I, myself could see those colors as well. 

The background I had to keep relatively similar to Beauty and the Beast because it just looked so right. But compared to my sister's tan and orange colors, I went with three light colors: Yellow, pink and light orange. I've fallen in love with the way the colors mesh so perfectly. My leaves had to be dark because for them to be any different would've looked like more of the same. But I had trouble with the flowers. It wasn't until I got the idea to use two colors for each flower and incorporate them in the inner ring, that I started picking the dark and bright colors.

All in all I like this one. It's one of my favorites and I wouldn't mind doing it again with reverse colors or something.

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