My Coloring Pages

All these pages are from four different coloring books for adults. They are supposed to help people with stress or anxiety, or simply to keep you away from your electronics.


13. June 24th/July 1st & 2nd, 2016



This was a major project.


I started this the day I made the cupcake. But it became so tedious I stopped and refused to touch it again. This is one of the busiest pages I did since the Monarch and the Butterflies. I had initially started with the middle and when my first design didn't work, I just left a small circle and a thin line between it and the main design. While coloring I tried to mimic the outer design in the middle. All I succeeded in doing was horribly drawing it. So I colored it in and left the small gap.

Then I worked on the green and purple inner lines. The colors I fell in love with and decided they worked best with the middle color. That same night I started working on and finished the yellow and red teardrops. I had wanted something bright that reminded me of the carnival. Only because the design of the teardrops made me think of carnival signs. The kind that blink and fade to attract your attention.


A few days later I made myself finish it because I couldn't have two pages left incomplete. The Virgo in me was not having that. So I chose neutral colors to color in the rippled rim surrounding them like the brown and tan. Then I chose maroon and teal to mix in with the colors already used. They make up the outer rim surrounding the teardrops.


The same teal I used to color in the thin line around the neutral colors. I figured it would get the colors back to bright instead of having to go with softer ones. 

From there I went with bright colors like the pink and green. Then the orange and purple to make the other side pop as well. The center crown in between them was hard to come up with. It's the only thing I'm unhappy with. But I was running out of colors and I hate too much repetition. So I went with a dark color and the same maroon I used earlier.

The last outer trim I'd like a redo on as well. The colors are alright but I feel I could do better as a whole.


In all this is one of my good ones. There's room for improvement but I did a good first try. I did so well in fact that in the right light, at the right angle, it actually moves like an optical illusion. 

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