My Coloring Pages

All these pages are from four different coloring books for adults. They are supposed to help people with stress or anxiety, or simply to keep you away from your electronics.


3. Feb 25th/Mar 4th, 2016

This was the third and final page I colored on the night of the blackout. I had to color it simply because it was butterflies. The only problem was once I started coloring the giant one, I realized it required a lot of time and thought behind the color choices. Needless to say I only finished the giant one that night. I'm not sure why it came out so dark in color, it just did. Those darker colors spoke to me more at the time of my coloring it. Maybe it's because I was in a dark environment. Ha!


The second, smaller butterfly also required time and thought behind the colors. I did this one way later at my sister's place. I realized how long it had been since I colored and missed it. When I looked through the book I saw that this page hadn't been finished and rather than start a new page, I wanted to finish this one. I decided that since my first butterfly had such dark colors, this smaller one should be it's lighter counterpart. A lot of light pinks, oranges and yellow. I had wanted to make sure there were a few dark colors too so it blended well with the first one. Hence, why there is a dark blue scattered throughout the wings.

I haven't done a coloring page this complex since. I think I started one a while ago but I've yet to finish it.

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