Love in the Underworld

There was legend of a girl, half of beauty and half of death, Loki's child. A child who became the ruler of the underworld, a place of torture and paradise.

Ella is just trying to get her friend Jake to notice her but the competition of her best friend makes that all seem very unlikely. But then her whole world is thrown upside down in a whirl wind of ice and darkness.


2. two

Fact: James Cameron wanted Billy Idol to play the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement day but a motorcycle accident prevented Billy idol from doing this.


Fact: I would have loved to see Billy Idol as the T-1000 but I would rather be able to talk to Jake alone. 


We were friends, strictly speaking, and so when he saw me on the bus, he came and sat on the green threadbare seat next to me. We exchanged a quick hello and some small talk before he asked what I was listening to and took my one of my headphones to listen to. “You won’t like it, but it’s Billy Idol if you must know.” I smiled trying to end what could turn into an embarrassing conversation with the click of a finger. 

“Isn’t this from the Breakfast Club?” he asked skipping songs through my playlist analysing secretly the rock music that I always listened to.

“Well the original version by Simple Minds is.” He nodded to me and I tried to keep quiet, I don’t know why though because this was my chance to talk to him and then my phone buzzed with a message from my dad. he looked at it in confusion as my dear daddy had addressed me as ‘Hela’.

“I didn’t know your name was Hela?” he raised an eyebrow as I took the phone and replied to the text. Smiling sarcastically I replied, “yeah well my dad loves Norse Mythology and bestowed me with the name of the Goddess of death”

“Yeah I know, my grandparents are from Norway, they always used to tell me about it, she was ah.. Loki’s daughter, yeah?” he grinned.

“Yeah along with Fenrir the wolf and Jormungandr the serpent and all them other weird things he had” I said trying not to sound to nerdy, “oh so so your grandparents live in Norway?”

“Most of the year, but they have a small house here too for the summer, it’s in Cornwall so that’s where I spend my summers” he smiled genuinely and proceeded to  tell me all about his Norwegian grandparents and I was all too happy to listen. 

    By the time the bus reached my stop I reluctantly moved past Jake, my purple/blue bag hitting him in the face as I mumbled an apology. I replayed our conversation in my head a thousand times. I told Thor everything as always he just meowed in response when I turned his head to face me. This was the first time I actually really talked to Jake, I mean I hadn’t really known him that long, Lauryn had just made sure we came friend with him when we started college a few weeks ago and that was that. Also yes I do talk to Thor because I can’t talk to Lauryn and it’s not really the thing I want to talk to anybody who can actually respond about. 

     I led on my bed wrapped up like a burrito in a super soft white blanket as I scrolled through Instagram. Jake had posted a photo about two hours before, the filter made his blue eyes brighter and his tan darker, he was flexing even though he had little arm muscle to show off, still you could see he was definitely the athletic type. Lauren had already commented “absolute babe” and I double tapped as I scrolled past hundreds of other people’s selfies and food pictures. Then the group chat notifications started popping up.

*Jake changed your nickname to Hel*

Jake: who knew ella was really hela?

Lauryn: me obvs lmao yeh she doesn’t really like it

Dan: who calls their kid Hela?

*Lauryn changed your nickname to Ella*

me: my parents do lol and Loki lmao idm it, just a bit weird bein named after the goddess of death lmao

Dan: Loki doesn’t have any kids

Lauryn: sounds pretty emo to me

me: yh maybe not in the Marvel films he does’t but has loads in actual mythology 

Jake: so uneducated Dan *laughing face emoji*


I pressed my hand into Thor’s fur, flattening it and then ruffling it back into place, he flicked his tail about, tapping my arm several times. His fur was soft and warm and malting all over my blush coloured bedspread, he looked up, satisfied at the mess I had made with his malting fur everywhere. Balancing my phone in two fingers I attempted to snapchat Lauryn, ‘why has he got so much fur’ but also adding it to my story. This was the general consensus of my life to be honest, Thor would sleep on my bed with the unspoken agreement that he would cover all of my clothes with grey fur, I didn’t mind because I love cats and so I began to read my book. 

    Tales of daring knights and faraway places and damsels in distress and damsels fully capable of having their own adventures were always wandering about in my head. I was 100% a bookworm through and through, reading anything that I could get my hands on. Although my preferred genre was thriller, I was partial to the odd YA romance book and at that moment was reading Kiera Cass’ The Siren. What a book, eh? Made me cry. To be honest lots of books made me cry for one reason or another but I didn’t really tell people that. Literally if this main character could get a boyfriend without even speaking, why was I such a mug! In all fairness she was a Siren and extremely beautiful. 

    I got up slowly and went to the toilet, whilst washing my hands I stared at my face looking at myself long and hard. The longer I looked the more distorted it became, the left half of my face seemed to almost melt away into bone and death. What was happening to me!? I looked closer, touching my face but just as quick as it had happened, it was gone, my face was fine. Maybe I was just really tired.

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