Good or Bad?

I held his hand as we walked through the halls of the school. I can't believe we're finally a thing. "Yuna and Jungkook" I hope I don't lose him. He's my everything but what if I made the wrong decision. What if I should just picked Jimin. I try to Imagine my life with Jimin. Him protecting me from everyone. Oh, I don't know what to do. These brothers are confusing me....I don't know what my heart wants....


1. Chapter 1

Yuna's P.O.V

         I sigh as I take out my uniform (  Why the hell do my parents want to kill me.  There literally sending me towards hell.  The hell called Seoul North High. By the time I get there I'll  already be dead.  So..... goodbye world!  I wave like the queen of England and fall onto my bed.  My hair goes everywhere as I lay  there. Why was school even created?  Why was I even created? 

         I quickly get up and try to do my makeup but I can't concentrate.  What will I find at my new school? What if i'm a outcast? Oh no, what if I fall in  love? No, No, No that can never happen, Yuna.  No one will ever love such an ugly creature like you.  I lace up my high tops and walk downstairs.  Since, my parents have already left for work I'll have to grab something on the way to eat.  My dad is allowing me to use his car for a whole month. Since he's away on a business trip.

          Yes, even though my dad is a business man.  I was still never popular.  I'll even get my own car when I turn 17 in a month.  So Yay for New Cars! I start up the engine on the car and race over to Starbucks. I'd love a caramel frappe.  Once I've picked up my ideal breakfast.  I quickly eat it up.  After, 10 mins I'm done and ready to go. I reach school 10 mins before the bell rings. 

              But, unfortunately I bump into someone.  That person turns around and stares at me with a angered look. He growls like a wolf too. Oh, great I've already started up rivalry. "Do you even know who I am" He asks looking at me like I'm stupid.  But it is true I don't know who he is because I just moved here. So he's kind of right.  I just stare at the ground pretending I didn't bump into him.  "LOOK AT ME" he says loud and proud.  I shiver a little because of his cold voice.

               I finally bring up courage and look at him. I'm praying in my mind, just please shut up.  He's really embarrassing me. I just try to ignore him and walk past him but my stupid method doesn't work.  He holds me back with his strong muscular arms.  Those arms are so hot.  I think in my mind.  "p-please stop" I say quietly hoping he will.  He growls again and looks at me more angered then before.  Woah, this guy is really short tempered.  

             I just bumped into him.  He raises his hand and brings it into contact with my cheek.  Oh lord, he's about to slap me. I close my eyes and wait for my cheek to pain.  But I wait and wait and it doesn't come.  I open to look at what's happening. Another boy has stopped the "Bad Boys" hand.  I look up at the boy he has daring and heroic eyes. His eyes steal my soul as I gaze into his eyes.


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