Guess The SONG!!!!

Try and guess what the song is based on the lyrics I give you. NU LOOKING THEM UP!!! xDD They're going to range from country, pop, pop rock, alternative, rock, "screamo", heavy metal, classical rock, alternative rock, rap. Honestly ANYTHING. PLEASE DONT not read this just because I have country on a chapter or because I have 'screamo' on one. Don't judge my songs XD


1. Guess the song #1

"One, one for the money.

It's two, two is for the show,

Three! Three to get ready,

Are you ready,m***f**are you, ready? 

Let's Go!!" 


Sorry I can't swear really because I'm on a school's laptop and what if they have a censor thingy?? I dun wanna get in trouble >.<


So what song is this one? 

HINT: it's from a 'screamo'/rock band.

It really depends on your definition of rock and stuff.


Comment obviously if you know it XD

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