1. Vanished

Isha Zero

"Where is my Daughter?" I can hear my father from the surface I sit in the same spot when I am sad or feel alone they should know where I am but they don't take notice I sit and look at the flowers until I want to go home and get a mouth full of teaching for my dad like why I shouldn't go to the surface but I don't care and my family won't miss me so before I go home I swim around for a bit and I find something it's a cave and I go inside and it is different water it more a Aqua colour it's beautiful and peaceful then I feel something like a pulse at the end of my fin but it doesn't hurt and I don't know what to do I hid behind a rock and I see a male mermaid and he is different from me because he has a purpley-blue coloured fin and he has brown hair and purple eyes and he is looking around and I hope he doesn't find me and I close my eyes and I stay still and then I hear "Who are you?" I open my eyes and it is him



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