4. Secret

Isha Zero

I don't tell my father when I get home that I am shifting with someone because he would of said that I should of mated years ago but I have seen Reed before a couple of days ago but anyway I just go to my room and dream of Reed and who is that man who had slapped him I wonder if it is his father and I think it is but I don't want to talk about it with him then I get destracted by a voice saying "Isha are you okay?"

"Yes Nona," My grandmother is still alive but my mother is not she died giving birth to me and I can talk to Nona about anything so I say "Nona can you keep a secret?"

"Why yes my angelfish what is it?"

"I am shifting with someone,"

"Can I know this boy's name is?"

"Yes his name is Reed,"

"Reed Mayson,"

"Yes that's him,"

"Your father will be mad if he found out,"

"Ohh please Nona please do not tell him please?!"

"Okay Angelfish but you have to tell him one day,"

"I know,"

"Okay then," She kisses me on the forehead and swims away and then it is dinner time and after that I go to bed thinking of Reed and why father doesn't like him

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