5. Run

Isha Zero

I wake up then I see my father at my door and he looks angry and I say "Hello father how are you?"

"Hello why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"That you are shifting with someone,"

"I don't know,"

"Who is it?"


"Tell me,"

"Reed Mayson," 


"I love him father,"

"You are not to see him again,"

"But father,"

"No buts I am banning you from seeing him,"

He swims off then when he is gone I grab a few things and I go find Reed then I see him on my rock and I start to cry and he says "What's wrong?"

"My father said that I have to stay away from you but I don't want to stay away from you," he hugs me then says

"Why don't we run away?"

"Yeah," we swim to our tree and then he gets out of the water and when he does his fin turns into human legs then he grab my hand and puts me up and my fin turns into legs as well and he passes me a bunch of clothes it is a purple sundress a thing that goes on my breast and underwear then he says "I have a house near by where we came live if you want?"

"Sure," We go to the house and he shows me my room then he makes dinner for us and I actually feel happy 
















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