3. Again

Isha Zero

After two days ago when I met Reed my father doesn't care what I do really I just have to be here my sunset and I have to tell him where I am going so I told him today that I am going to my peace place and he doesn't mind and swim as fast as I can and I see the flowers and I sit on the Rock and play with the flowers and I talk to the flying things in the air in is so beautiful and peaceful here then I feel the pluse again Reeds pulse and I dive back under and see him argue with a older man and I hide so they don't see me and then Reed gets slapped around the face and the man swims off and Reed sit on the rock that I am hiding behind and I say "Are you okay Reed?"

"Yes I am fine," I touch his check where he hadbeen hit and then his eyes met mine and I blush then look down at the sea bed he pulls on my chin so I would look at him and he says "Yeah are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine I..."

I stop before I embarrass myself even more than I have and he looks at me and waits then leans in and kisses me so I kiss him back then we break away and He says "Can you shift with me?"

"Yes," then he kisses me again I finally found my special mate that I can love





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