Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


4. Memorable Moments

 Sasaki and the others are walking in the street. Tsubausa is walking with Kashune, and Sasaki is walking ahead of them. He thinks about his grandfather, and how he must have been doing. Kashune looks at the buildings and Tsubausa looks forward. They keep walking in the town. Sasaki croses his arms and sits on a bench. Tsubausa stands by the post and Kashnue stands by Sasaki. 

 "What are we even doing just wasing time Sasaki?" Tsubausa asks. Sasaki looks at Tsubausa.

 "Taking a breather I guess. We rented a room when can't just leave the town." Sasaki says. Tsubausa looks at the clouds. 

 "Yeah you're right, but want to train while we wait?" Tsubausa asks. 

 "Wouldn't that be a wast of chakra?" Kashune asks. 

 "No, not if we're training. If we are training then we can maybe learn a new jutsu." Tsubausa says. 

 "Yeah he is right. But we'd have to be out of town to train. I don't want to destroy any buildings." Sasaki says. He gets up.


 Sasaki and Tsubausa are standing close in front of each other. Then they walk backwards. Sasaki puts his hand on his sword handle, and Tsubausa puts his hand on his ninja daggers. Kashune stands in the middle of them. 

 "Begin!" Kashune says. Sasaki pulls out his sword and Tsubausa throws his ninja daggers and Sasaki blocks them with his blade. Sasaki runs at Tsubausa with a firm grip on the handle of his blade. Tsubausa takes out a ninja dagger and they attack each other, and they hit each others weapons making a cling sound as the collide. They keep hitting each others weapons and then Sasaki backs up and Tsubausa charges at him. Sasaki makes his body into a shadowy like substance and Tsubausa runs straight into it. Sasaki appears behind Tsubausa. Sasaki elbows Tsubausa in the back and then he kicks his bavk making him fall onto the ground. Tsubausa gets up and he side kicks Sasaki and he rolls into a tree. Tsubausa picks up his ninja dagger and he tries to stab Sasaki with it but Sasaki moves his head and Tsubausa stabs the tree.  He then brings a knee into Sasaki's face but he uses the escape jutsu and he appears on a tree branch. He drops down from the tree and Tsubausa looks up and luckily doges the attack. Sasaki knees Tsubausa in the stomach and then roundhouse kicks him across the face. Tsubausa rolls on the ground and then he flips up and slides on his feet. 

 "Come on Tsubausa! Get serious!" Sasaki says getting into his fighting stance. Tsubausa wipes the blood from his lip. 

 "Sasaki you're too strong! I can't keep up!" Tsubausa says getting irritated. He narrow his eyes and he runs at Sasaki. He wildly throws a punch and Sasaki blocks it and grabs his hand. Tsubausa throws another wildly punch and Sasaki catches it again. Sasaki brings his knee up and knees him under the chin making Tsubausa fall back on the ground. Sasaki points his sword at Tsubausa's face. 

 "The training is over. Sasaki wins" Kashune says. Sasaki puts his sword back in the holder and he helps up Tsubausa. 

 "Learn to control your anger. I had to do that ever since my father died." Sasaki says. Tsubausa nods. They shake hands and they go back into the town. Sasaki has his hands in his pocket and looking down. He thinks about his father. "Dad, why the hell did you abandon me? Then you died." Sasaki thought as he walked in the street. Kashune and Tsubausa are talking. A tear runs down Sasaki's cheek. It falls off his chin and splatters on the ground. He keeps walking. "Kokoshi." Sasaki says. He stops and clenches his fist. Kashune looks at Sasaki and she signals for Tsubausa to hush. He looks at Sasaki. Sasaki slams his fist against a post beside him. Kashune gasps. 

 "Sasaki are you alright?!" Kashune asks. She walks to him. His hair covers his eyes. 

 "I'm fine." Sasaki says sternly. He begins to walk toward the hotel. Kashune stands there watching him leave. Tsubausa looks at Kashune. She looks worried and her hand clenches her heart. 

 "Sasaki." Kashune says. Sasaki getts to the hotel and he is in his room sitting on the bed. He looks at an old pitcure of him and his dad. The tears roll down his cheeks. 

 "Damn you dad." Sasaki says crying. "Why you'd have to leave?" Sasaki clenches his fists. He remembers that he was a little boy when his father left. His mother committed suicide right in front of him when his mother got the news that his father had died. Sasaki then lived with his grandfather Sasuke Uchiha. He learned the art of jutsu and ninjutsu. Sasuke taught him everything he knew as when he was his age. That's why Sasaki is so much like Sasuke. Tsubausa is more like Naruto than even his dad. Tsubausa loves ramen noodles as much as Naruto does. Tsubausa was trained by Naruto and his dad. He learned the Rasegan from Naruto and other ninjutsu from his father. Kashune's parents are dead so she is adopted. No one knows who her parents are, she only knows their names not their faces. She scored the second highest in the ninja academy, Sasaki scored the highest because Sasuke made him study all day and night. Tsubausa scored the lowest. He was more focused on eating ramen noodles. Sasaki and Kashune became friends when they was younger. Tsubausa joined their group when they met at the academy. Tsubausa would always try to beat Sasaki, but Sasaki always beat him. As they grew older Sasaki became more of a loner than a social person. He did stuff on his own, like training, walking, and also studying. Kashune also drifted from the group, and so did Tsubausa. They met again at a tournament which they fought each other in the final round. Sasaki and Kashune eliminated Tsubausa, and so then it came down to Sasaki and Kashune. Kashune almost won but Sasaki outsmarted her and used his own jutsu and defeated her. After the fight they became friends again and promised they wouldn't ever leave each other behind.

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