Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


3. Burning Heat

 Some people go up to Hatashi who has his hands stabbed into the ground with a knife. Hatashi's blood is all around him. He looks up and sees a man with purple hair and brown eyes. 

 "You failure." Says the man. Hatashi shakes his head. 

 "The kid is the grandson of Sasuke Uchiha! I saw his face and it looks like Sasuke's!" Hatashi says quickly. "And the other one must be the grandson of Naruto Uzumaki." The man with purple hair nods. 

 "That's great you have information on them, but you failed to kill them." The man bends down on one knee. "That means i'll take your life!" The man puts his hand on Hatashi's head and he steals his soul and his eyes roll to the back of his head and his body falls down dead. The man gets up and his eyes glow red. "I guess i'll kill them myself." 


 "Where is the food at! I'm starving!" Tsubausa says. Sasaki glares at him. 

 "Shut the hell up Tsubausa! We'll get food when we need it!" Sasaki yells at Tsubausa. Tsubausa glares at Sasaki.

 "We need food! How can we not survive without it?" Tsubausa asks. Sasaki crosses his arms. 

 "Its only been twelve hours since we last ate. I'm sure you aren't dying." Sasaki says. Tsubausa pouts. 

 "I know that, but we need food!" Tsubause cries and Sasaki rolls his eyes. 

 "What a baby." Sasaki says. 

 "I know right." Kashune says. She looks and Sasaki and he is looking away from her.  

 "Want to go get something to eat so starving maniac will calm down?" Sasaki asks looking at Tsubausa rolling round on the ground crying and biting his nails. Kashune nods. Sasaki walks over to Tsubausa and he picks him up. "We're getting food." Sasaki says. Tsubausa's eyes are gleaming. 

 "Yes!" Tsubausa shouts as he runs into the nearest food joint. Sasaki looks back at Kashune and she walks up to him. They walk into the food joint. 

 Tsubausa is sitting at a table waiting for them to take his order. Sasaki sits beside Tsubausa and Kashune sits beside Sasaki. Tsubausa orders his food first, then Kashune, and last Sasaki. Tsubausa eats all his food before anyone can even take a bite. Kashune eats all her food second, Sasaki loses his appetite and Tsubausa eats his food. Sasaki walks out of the food joint and he looks at the sky. Its blue with a few clouds, he wonders if he'll make it to Kakashi's dojo or even survive Kakashi's training. Kashune walks up to him. She noticed his left hand is covered in blood. 

 "Sasaki, you didn't bandaged your hand?! It's bleeding out badly." Kashune says. She grabs his hand, and looks at the cut. "The blade went through your hand, but I can bandage it up." 

 "My hand is fine. It's just a cut." Sasaki says. 

 "Your hand has a hole in it. I'm bandaging it up." Kashune says. She gets out a bandage roll and rolls it on his hand and wraps it around it four times. She smiles. Her black hair moves when she looks up at him. "All better now." Sasaki looks at his hand and the blood seeps through the bandage on both sides. Kashune stands beside him. "It is a beautiful morning isn't it?" Kashune looks at the sky. Sasaki nods. Kashune looks at Sasaki. Sasaki looks down at his hand and the blood stain is bigger. He looks at Kashune. 

 "Wrap it again one more time." Sasaki says as he moves his hand toward her. She gets out the bandage and wraps it around once then once more. She looks away. Sasaki looks at the sky. Tsubausa comes out of the food joint. 

 "So what are we going to do today?" Tsubausa asks. 

 "Try to get closer to Kakashi's dojo." Sasaki says. He walks toward the other side of the town. They walk to a hotel and they walk in. Sasaki looks around the hotel. Kashune looks around also. Tsubausa looks at the counter and walks to it. Sasaki looks at Kashune. "You okay if we stay here for the night?" Sasaki asks. Kashune nods. 

 "Its fine." Kashune says. They walk to the counter and Tsubausa is already begging for food. Sasaki punches Tsubausa in the stomach and he faints. Sasaki holds Tsubausa up and keep him from falling. He smiles at the woman behind the bar. She smiles back. 

 "We'll like to take three rooms." Sasaki says. Kashune looks at Sasaki. The woman gives them three keys to their room. Sasaki walks upstairs and she follows him. Sasaki opens the door and throws Tsubausa in the room. Kashune walks to her room and opens the door. Sasaki walks to his. Kashune looks at him while he opens the door. He goes into the room, Kashune sighs and she goes into her room. She puts her bags on the floor and she sits on the bed. She lays back on the bed, and thought about her feelings for Sasaki. She looks up at the roof.

 "Its been a day now. Sasuke gave me an advice not to die." Sasaki closes his eyes. "I'll keep that promise." 


 Meanwhile Sasuke is drinking tea and sitting on the carpet. The door slides open and Naruto walks in and sits beside Sasuke. 

 "Our grandsons are on a dangerous adventure Sasuke." Naruto says. His hair is his normal style and its solid white just like Sasuke's. He has a red cloak covering his outfit. Sasuke nods.

 "That's correct. Sasaki and Tsubausa are very good ninjutsu ninjas, but they might not make it to Kakashi's dojo." Sasuke says. He lowers his head. Naruto looks at how down Sasuke is, he knows something bad might happen just like on Mountain Hokage. 

 "I understand, but you have to believe in Sasaki, like I believe in Tsubausa." Naruto says. Sasuke's eyes water of a thought of his grandson Sasaki dying.

 "Sasaki." Sasuke says. He looks up into the window with the blue sky and clouds overhead. "Don't die."

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