Real or a Dream

So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported into Dragon Ball (One of my favorite Anime's) and has to choose out of 2 of my OTP's (Trunks Breifs or Tien Shinhun) to be with. ( I have 2 more but Me as Madalyn would not be with them I'd keep them for Marese and Megan) (Also I do have OC's for Trunks and Tien but NONE of my OC's are in this book
I will have A/N's once in a while to tell you facts about somethings but might use ( ) in the chapter for things that might confuse you like a new name or some kind of move or E.T.C
IF you have not seen Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT, or any other Dragon Ball shows or movies you might not understand ANY of it.

Thank you Beautifully Musical Nerd for the Cover!


3. What the



I woke up in the bed of the room Bulma gave me. I got up and stretched till I saw Trunks. What was he doing here? Did he stay here all night? Soon he awoke and he saw I was awake and smiled

"Hey you okay now?" he asked and I looked at him confused

"What happened?" I said and he got up and he had all his clothing on That takes one thing off my mind.

"You had a nightmare... you were yelling and screaming so I woke you up. I layed beside you as you put your head on my chest. I must of fell asleep I'm sorry" he said with a little of blush and I smiled

"It's okay Trunks... thanks for comforting me... even though I don't remember my nightmare. But thanks" I said and he nodded slightly and I smiled at him. He got out of my bed and left the room and I sat on my bed and smiled really big. He spent the whole night in my room just because I had a nightmare. That's so amazing I am fan-girling so bad at this moment. I went into the living room and sat by Bulma. A television show that looked like my Universe. I was smiling as I saw a school and kids. They were around with a phone near them... I was smiling and then One of the kids jumped up

"That's it! Get him boy! That's Bae!" A girl said and I giggled as I got up and left. I waled out and into a park and sat down on the grass.

Tien POV

I walked into the Breifs home and saw Trunks and Bulla watching 'Alabama Sensation' I sat down by Trunks and watched it.

(Using Middle Names... Except Vickery that's last name) "Man Chyenne missing some fun!!" The voice of Vickery said and Anthony nodded.

"Yeah! Wonder where she is? She's been gone for like a month or two" Nicole said and they nodded. I stopped watching and got up

"Where Madalyn?" I asked and they looked around.

"Last time I saw her she left the house" Bulma said and I thanked her as I left.

Trunks POV

After Tien left we watched the rest of 'Alabama Sensation' and then I left to find Madalyn. I flew around and I saw her on a bench talking to Tien.

"So Madalyn? What do you think of this place?" Tien asked and she smiled

"I love it... All the nice people... This place is amazing... I absolutely happy" she said and I smiled. I looked at her and Tien...


"What's your favorite thing that happened?" He asked her and she looked at him and shrugged

"I think the most amazing thing was when a friend stayed to comfort me all night just because of a nightmare" she said and I blushed. That was me...

"Oh really who?" Tien asked and I looked at her

"That will stay to me and the friend" I said and smiled as I did to. She was amazing and beautiful and her smile was just absolutely amazing. Tien stood up and show did she...

"Tien... I have to go... Nice talking to you..." she said and I smiled. He nodded as she left and she was blushing. Did she like him and not me? She wiped a tear away and it hit me. I looked at her as she sat down and was knelled on the ground crying.

"Hey..." I said and she looked at me

"Hey Trunks... um... how'd you find me?" She asked and I looked at her.

"I saw you leaving Tien crying so I followed you" I said and she looked at me. She smiled weekly and I smiled at her.

"Thanks for worrying for me Trunks" she said and I smiled at her. She looked at me and I smiled at her and gave her a hug.

"No matter what your going through I'm there for you" I said and she smiled at me.

"Thanks Trunks I appreciate it so much" she said and I nodded at her and smiled. Suddenly A laugh appeared and I frowned. Madalyn stood in front of me and I looked at her in fear.

"Aw the little girl protecting the Sayian that's so cute" Cell said and I stiffened


Cell was right there in my face and I was in front of Trunks

"Madalyn..." Trunks said and I shushed him and looked at Cell

"Petty girl get out of my way" he said

"No! I'm not scared of you! All you are is a bug! What power do you have Cell?" I said and he smirked at me and went to attack Trunks and I blocked him.

"You will not touch my friend" I said and he laughed at me as he tried again but I blocked him again. He looked frustrated as he disappeared.

"I will not give up!" was the last thing he said and I looked at Trunks and he smiled at me as we walked back to his house. When we came in we sat on the couch and watch a show called 'Alabama Sensation'... When I saw the people My eyes widened. It was my friends in the real world... Brian, Hannah, my cousin Charity, and many others. I was amazed and shocked as I saw them

"So Brooke have you seen Chyenne anywhere?" Brian asked and she nodded no.

"No not really but who cares... She don't want to come then she don't come" Brooke said and I


looked at her in shock.

"Brooke that's your sister!" Brian said and she shrugged...

"So what Anthony..." she said and I looked at her in shock as Hannah walked up.

"Sup Vickery" Brian said and Hannah smiled

"Hi Anthony... Brooke... Chyenne still not here huh?" she says and Brooke and Brian nodded. I didn't look at it anymore. Who were my friends talking about? Who's Chyenne... What's up with Brian being called Anthony and Hannah called Vickery. I wasn't paying attention anymore for it was crazy and insane.

"Everything alright?" Trunks asked and I nodded

"Yeah... Just a little tired" I said as I got up and went to my room after I took my shower. I was on my bed when I looked in the mirror and saw my Anime self...

"My middle name... There calling me, Hannah, Brooke, and Brian by our middle name... Brooke don't miss me... Maybe I should stay here where people DO care for me where I live" I said as I looked at the Anime girl that Trunks and the others saw as me. I looked at the dress I made then though of something. I grabbed Blue fabric and made a shirt that looked like the one my character Tamera would were with Red fabric I made an under shirt. I made a pair of Blue Jeans with the Jean fabric that I had and put it by my bed. I fell asleep and hoping that Maybe just maybe I would stay here forever.


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