Real or a Dream

So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported into Dragon Ball (One of my favorite Anime's) and has to choose out of 2 of my OTP's (Trunks Breifs or Tien Shinhun) to be with. ( I have 2 more but Me as Madalyn would not be with them I'd keep them for Marese and Megan) (Also I do have OC's for Trunks and Tien but NONE of my OC's are in this book
I will have A/N's once in a while to tell you facts about somethings but might use ( ) in the chapter for things that might confuse you like a new name or some kind of move or E.T.C
IF you have not seen Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT, or any other Dragon Ball shows or movies you might not understand ANY of it.

Thank you Beautifully Musical Nerd for the Cover!


1. The Beggining




I was watching my favorite Anime show in all the world Dragon Ball... I have all seasons of all the shows. Soon I blacked out and when I woke I was on grassy areas and an explosion from afar came to my ears. I looked to see mountains and mountains for miles.

"Where am I?" I said and walked before an other explosion came off. I suddenly heard familiar laughter and looked up

"Holy Shit!" I yelled as I hid from the monster and thought to myself 'your just dreaming Madalyn this is all a dream and you will wake up' I was scared when he laughed again. I heard footsteps then the sound that makes up when they fly. Soon he stopped his laughter.

"Oh Joy! The midget I swore I killed you already! Look you have hair now ha!" his voice said and I chuckle came from the so called midget.

"Yeah Frieza? Well who ever rose you from the dead does not no fashion statement" The familiar voice said and I wanted to laugh.

"What!? What did you saw Twerp?" Frieza said angrily and a other pair of footsteps came to my hearing.

"Frieza don't you think Krillian is a little out your lead? I might of never fought you but don't you think a Saiyan is more your league" The familiar voice said and I almost fan-girled.

"Yo...Yo..You Twerp!?" Frieza said in reconization and I smirked 'Frieza is screwed' I said to myself and a silence arose

"Do you know me? I'm sorry I don't know you" the familiar voice said and I smirked again

"Really? You don't remember me? How does the Saiyan that killed me not remember me!?" Frieza said mad and I wanted to laugh

"Me Kill you? Sorry buddy this is the very first time we have met! unless... your talking about Future Trunks because when I was not born yet The Future Trunks killed you and saved me and my mom several of times" He said and I looked and saw the short purple headed buy that was one of my OTP's in DBZ (DBZ is the short way of Dragon Ball Z) I hid back behind the rocks as I heard frustration and a infamous Frieza freak out session and I missed it! Dam it!

"Oh! The Me from the other future must of kicked your ass for you to look at me like I am your worst nightmare" Trunks said and I smiled as I saw him turn Super Saiyan and I was amazed as Frieza's face was like a scardey cat and I laughed to my self

"But! I'm a lot stronger than him! Also a lot faster! That's what I heard from my dad and that's a shocker! I heard you killed him once... Now I guess I kill you twice" he said as he attacked Frieza so fast but I saw every punch. It was so cool... I made sure to stay out of sight but man! Only if I was


Tamera or Valie! I would Kick some living ass right now.

"Where is the Twerp?" Vegeta's voice said and I saw him looking up at Frieza and Trunks

"What?! No Way!? Frieza's back?!" Vegeta said and I wanted to say 'na ya idiot!' but I didn't as Trunks grabbed his sword and I was about to get excited as he sliced off Frieza's arms, then legs, then sliced his head into million of pieces. Tamera would of exploited him about like Trunks wow.

"My god" Krillian's voice said and I smiled as I suddenly felt sleepy and pass out.

Trunks POV

"Guys look!" I said as I pointed to a girl with long black hair with little curls and a dark blue shirt and jean shorts passed her knees (By the way not a look of none of my OC's this is what I would wear everyday if I could) She looked peaceful but who would be passed out in a place like this. I grabbed her bridal style and brought her to the other Z- Fighters.

"A girl just passed out in the middle of no where" I said and they looked at me shocked. They looked at her features and was just amazed (What they see is an Anime girl with long black hair with curls and a model's body... That would be me as Anime not really me) My dad said lets take her to the house till she wakes up. I agreed with him as I flew with her in my arms bridal style. What I didn't expect was her to put her head in my chest but I didn't mess with her. When we got home I put her in the guest room and left.


I awoke in a room a little like mine and I sighed as I got up and looked in a mirror and fell backwards as I saw an Anime girl that I have never seen before. She had black hair with curls to her mid back most likely and blue eyes like the sky and ocean combined (I did that because my eyes changes into shades of blue) I stood and so did she. She wore a Midnight Blue shirt and jean Capri's. It reminded me of what I wore before the dream of Frieza and Trunks

"I wonder who that is?" I said and she mimicked me and I turned around and opened the door to see the hall way of The Briefs' home and I was shocked. I was not dreaming I was still here. How did I get here? Did Vegeta carry me? No way it had to be Trunks... I walked to the living room to see a smiling Bulma.

"Hi sweetie I'm Bulma and It's good to see your okay... This is Bulla my daughter, Trunks my son, and Vegeta my husband" Bulma smiled and I did to. Even though I knew them already I let them shake my hand and said to them

"Nice to meet you" when Trunks came by I looked at him and smiled

"Thank you for carrying me here... I really was hurt" I said and he smiled

"Um... No Problem but how did you know it was me?" he asked and I smiled

"Well um... Mr. Vegeta seems to rude to carry a stranger... Your the only other guy so..." I said knowing the other Z-Fighters were there but I guessed he was the one and it was a good guess

"Yeah well I was the one... Why am I even wasting my breath" Vegeta said and stormed off


"Ooh did I hurt his feelings?" I asked and everyone giggled

"He's temper-headed" Bulma said and I nodding already knowing that.

"I don't mean to be rude Trunks... but you and Vegeta wasn't the only ones were you?" I asked knowing Krillian was there and hoping I was right about the other Z-Fighters and he looked at me.

"Yes... friends of mine..." he said and in the inside I was cheering and happy but on the outside.

"So... thanks for the save Trunks and..." I said as my stomach growled and I frowned and Bulma smiled

"I'll cook up something for you! You must be starving!" Bulma said and I sat down at the table

"Thanks Bulma" I said and she nodded

"Your different... Everyone else that we meet will mess names up... One guy called me Bulla, called Vegeta vegetable, and called Trunks trokins I mean I appreciate the guy for calling me Bulla because I named Bulla... well Bulla, I yelled at him for Trunks being called trokins and when he called Vegeta vegetable Me and Trunks laughed our butts off It was so funny" Bulma said and I laughed even though I was half paying attention and half not. Trunks sat at the table to as Bulma put down the food. I did a quick prayer and then ate my food. When I was done I gave Bulma my plate.

"I could help you if you want" I said and she nodded no

"No! No! Go have fun!" she said exciting and I got up and went outside. Then I remembered that I might of watched a lot of DBZ but they really never shown a true course of how to get to a place and another.

"Shit... where do I go?" I said to myself as Trunks walked to my side

"New to the town" he said and I looked at him and I smiled

"Something like that..." I said and he smiled as he walked and I followed and then the City... Man I seen it on TV but man was it amazing. You think in a place like this it would be peaceful but all the battles around here...

"Man... this place is amazing" I said and Trunks nodded. Soon I saw Tien talking to Krillian and Adult Gohan

"Tien! Krillian! Gohan!" Trunks yelled and they looked at him and ran up

"Hey Trunks... Whoa wait ain't this the girl that was passed out on the island not to far from here?" Krillian asked and Tien hit the back of his head and I laughed as Krillian rubbed his close to be bald head "Na did Sherlock! It's the fairy princess here to give you a treat!" Tien said and I bursted out in laughter and so did everyone except Krillian.

"Nice one Tien" Trunks said and I nodded

"Yeah... Names Madalyn... Nice to meet y'all" I said and Tien, Gohan, and Krillian shook my hand. Gohan looked at his clock and jumped


"Oh shit I got to go! I'm suppose to be heading home to watch Pam! Hope to God Videl don't kill me... Before you smart asses say something. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Pissed OFF Wife!" Gohan yells as he flies off.

"Funny every time he freaks out... I don't understand why he so afraid of Videl... He defeated Cell..." Krillian said and nodding his head

"Oh... I should get going... 18 will seriously kill me if I'm late to our daughters recital" Krillian also stated and I smiled.

"Oh for you 18 is an Android Krillian fell in love with and made her human and they had a daughter... Videl is Gohan's wife and they have a daughter Pan." Tien said and I nodded even though I already knew this. The only thing that I really was thinking about was where I was. I was in my favorite Anime with my first 2 favorite characters of the anime. My OTP's Trunks and Tien.

"So... Nice meeting you Madalyn and see ya guys later" Tien said and I waved a little and Trunks waved to Tien and I smiled

"He was nice" I said and Trunks nodded. I smiled as we walked into the park and sat down.

"This is beautiful Trunks... It's just amazing... I am so happy to be here" I said and he smiled as well

"Yeah this is a good place to be at... till battles emerge... Sometimes I wish that some of the past that happen can be changed" he said and I giggled

"Yeah... but at least it ain't worse" I said and he looked at me

"how can it be worse?" he asked and I rocked back and forth

"Well... what if some androids came and destroyed all of your kind and even your trainer... Then you fight them yourself but too week to beat them" I said stating the past of Future Trunks. He looked at me and nodded

"That is so true Madalyn..." Trunks said as Goten walked over

"Trunks gtg" Goten said and he looked at me

"Well Madalyn it was nice showing you around!" he said and I smiled as he walked off... I walked to a little cafe and sat down. Suddenly someone sat at my booth. I looked to see Tien

"Hey Tien" I said and he smiled and I almost freaked out LITERTALTY!!!

"Hey... Madalyn right?" Tien said and I nodded and I could just see Chiatosu (Might not be spelled right) Smiling big at Tien.

"Yeah Congrats on getting it! Some people call me Madeline" I said and he laughed

"Really? That's funny" He said and I blushed a little.

"May I get your... Tien? Madalyn?" Bulla's voice said and me and Tien looked at her

"Hey Bulla... me and my friend here would like some food" I said and Tien looked at me and I giggled


"Okay what ya want hon?" she asked and I giggled

"The normal for me" Tien said and I knew exactly what that was.

"I'd like the Truffle Saiyan Supreme" I said and she smiled

"My brother's favorite... nice choice" she said and I blushed thinking I just guessed Trunks' favorite dish. Soon afterwards Bulla came with our dishes and I looked at it. I took a bite and my eyes widened. No wonder Trunks loved it. It was like a heaven like no other.

"IS it good....mmm" Tien asked as I shoved some on his face as he chewed I laughed.

"That is good" Tien said as he got a spoon full of the BBQ cheesy filling and put some in my mouth

"That's good... not as good as this though" I said and Tien smiled again and I almost freaked out again. Good thing Trunks ain't the one smiling or I'd die.

"Well... Tien I should go... Here Bulla" I said and gave Bulla money. I looked at Tien and gave a smile to him as I looked at the doors and left. I was so happy; maybe this is Real or maybe just a dream but no matter what I was having the time of my life.

"Lets see..." I said and looked around and saw the way to Bulma's house. I got there and knocked on the door and she opened

"Come in sweetie!" she said and I smiled as we walked in the house

"Oh! Madalyn the room you woke up in is yours! I can tell you don't have one so enjoy!" she said and I smiled

"Thanks Bulma! Um... is there a shower I can go to?" I asked and she nodded and we walked to a door.

"Here's some clothes you can use..." Bulma said and I smiled as I went in there and got a shower. After I was done I put the clothes Bulma gave me on. I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror. I was pretty in this world. No poofy hair that won't listen to me. I opened the door and walked into a bare chest. All I was thinking was Don't let it be Vegeta... I looked and saw Trunks and fell back and was blushing. When I looked at him he blushed and I freaked out... A shirtless Trunks blushing!

"Are you ok? I mean... you walked straight into my chest and took a 10 second stay then just dramatically fell over?" Trunks said and I nodded getting up brushing myself off.

"Yeah! Just... when I walked into you I was shocked... then thinking that it was you or Vegeta ... When I saw it was you I still had a shock... IF it was your dad I'd die" I said and he laughed and I smiled.

"Well I'm going to get my shower..." Trunks said and I nodded. As soon as he left I ran onto my room and squealed.

"OMG!" I yelled and smiled as I layed in my bed.

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