Real or a Dream

So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported into Dragon Ball (One of my favorite Anime's) and has to choose out of 2 of my OTP's (Trunks Breifs or Tien Shinhun) to be with. ( I have 2 more but Me as Madalyn would not be with them I'd keep them for Marese and Megan) (Also I do have OC's for Trunks and Tien but NONE of my OC's are in this book
I will have A/N's once in a while to tell you facts about somethings but might use ( ) in the chapter for things that might confuse you like a new name or some kind of move or E.T.C
IF you have not seen Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT, or any other Dragon Ball shows or movies you might not understand ANY of it.

Thank you Beautifully Musical Nerd for the Cover!


9. Real or Dream

"Madalyn! WAKE UP!" My sister Brooke yelled

"I AM UP!" I yelled back and frowned. Was all that a dream? After I told Trunks how I felt it was all a dream?! I frowned as my sister left my room. When I looked at my phone Trunks' number was in my phone and I smiled

"So it was real?" I asked and then Trunks called me I answered

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" he yelled and I laughed

"Trunks... I am in my world now... in the world of Alabama Sensation as you call it... I am Madalyn Chyenne Reynolds and I am back in my world" I said and I felt him gasp

"Your? But? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked and I frowned

"I didn't know it for sure... I am sorry... the weird thing is I am talking to you through different worlds that makes me happy" I said and I felt his smile

"Madalyn I enjoyed my time with you we all did and we will never forget you" he said and I smiled

"The same as you Trunks... I will miss all of y'all and tell the others farewell... also tell Tien I am sorry for what I did..." I said and Trunks laughed

"Alright Madalyn I will see you on Alabama Sensation" he said and I laughed

"And I will see you on Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super" I said as we said our farewells. I looked at my phone and saw the image I took of me and Trunks. I am a good looking Anime person. I put one finger on Trunks and smiled as now I know the difference in Reality and Dreams. The adventure I had was to show me. I know now the answer to the question in mind. I now know there is a standard to Real or Dreams. 





SO THAT'S it and I HOPE YOU LOVED IT! When I finished this book it already had 1,008 reads I hope it will get more!

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