Real or a Dream

So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported into Dragon Ball (One of my favorite Anime's) and has to choose out of 2 of my OTP's (Trunks Breifs or Tien Shinhun) to be with. ( I have 2 more but Me as Madalyn would not be with them I'd keep them for Marese and Megan) (Also I do have OC's for Trunks and Tien but NONE of my OC's are in this book
I will have A/N's once in a while to tell you facts about somethings but might use ( ) in the chapter for things that might confuse you like a new name or some kind of move or E.T.C
IF you have not seen Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT, or any other Dragon Ball shows or movies you might not understand ANY of it.

Thank you Beautifully Musical Nerd for the Cover!


8. I thought I loved you... I am sorry

It was 7 and I was waiting for Tien. I soon saw him fly in and I smiled

"Sorry I was late Madalyn" he said and I smiled

"No problem Tien so are we flying?" I asked and he nodded

"IF you don't mind" he said as he lend me a hand. I took it and we started to fly. I looked down at the city and was amazed the city was beautiful. We landed to a restaurant and I was amazed as we walked it. 

"Reservation?" The waiter asked and I looked at him confused

"Shinhun and Reynolds" Tien said and the waiter nodded

"Oh yes sorry sir Tien right this way" he said and we followed him to a reserved table

"So how did you get a reservation so fast?" I asked him and he smiled

"It helps being a hero and all" he said and I smiled as we ate food. It was a romantic view and I was enjoying it. Right then and there Tien was about to kiss me. When his lips reached mine I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. It didn't feel like what I thought it would of been. Trunks had sparks in it and this one was nothing. When I saw Trunks I escaped Tien's touch. Tien looked at me in confusion and I felt sad

"Madalyn are you okay?" Tien said and I started to cry

"I thought I loved you Tien... I am sorry" I said and he smiled

"it's okay that you lov... wait thought?" he said and I nodded as I stood up

"Choosing was have the battle... I am sorry Tien" I said as I ran to Trunks and grabbed his hand 

"WHOA!" Trunks said as I pulled him out the restaurant

"Madalyn I had no clue that you had feelings for Tien I am so sorry that I interfered with your love life, I am so mhm" Trunks said as I kissed him and he started to kiss back it was amazing and it felt like fireworks as my arms went around his neck and his hands were on my waist

"I was so unsure who to choose... but when Tien kissed me... it wasn't the same as when you kissed me Trunks"  I said and he smiled. We went back to his house and the took my phone.

"HEY!" I yelled and he smiled as he put something in it

 "All I am doing is putting my number in it" he said and I smiled as we went to bed. When I woke up I frowned. I was no longer in the world of Dragon Ball Z I was back into the real world.

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