Real or a Dream

So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported into Dragon Ball (One of my favorite Anime's) and has to choose out of 2 of my OTP's (Trunks Breifs or Tien Shinhun) to be with. ( I have 2 more but Me as Madalyn would not be with them I'd keep them for Marese and Megan) (Also I do have OC's for Trunks and Tien but NONE of my OC's are in this book
I will have A/N's once in a while to tell you facts about somethings but might use ( ) in the chapter for things that might confuse you like a new name or some kind of move or E.T.C
IF you have not seen Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT, or any other Dragon Ball shows or movies you might not understand ANY of it.

Thank you Beautifully Musical Nerd for the Cover!


2. Dress and Training Watch



I woke the next morning and was still in the same exact bed and room. I smiled and got up and saw some fabric... there was a letter and I read

'Dear Madalyn, Here are some fabric's that I found in my room. I thought you could make something... Love Bulma" I smiled and saw some designs. I smiled as I sat down as I grabbed some purple and blue fabric. I made a dress that was purple with blue designs on the waist and some on Lace on the sleeves bottom and then a blue lace on the bottom... I put the dress on and looked at the mirror... Man it was amazing... I didn't even know that I could sew. The door open and I saw Trunks and I turned around.

"Hey Trunks!" I said and he was looking at me and smiled

"Hey... that's a pretty dress" he said and I blushed so bad

"Um... thanks... I... Um... made it..." I said and he looked at me and smiled

"Wow... that's talent" he said and I blushed... I nodded and he left... I took the dress off and put on some new clothes and put the dress on a hanger. I walked out the room and into the living room and sat on the couch. Bulma was in the kitchen and Bulla was helping...

"So mom... I was at work when 2 familiar faces were siting together" Bulla said and I wanted to stop her... I know how Bulma is... she's going to think were together...l blushed at the thought... but who would choose? Trunks or Tien? The purple haired Saiyan or The 3 eyed human?

"Oh really? Who?" Bulma said and I gulped

"Tien and Madalyn... not like a thing though... they just met a think... Well Tien got his usual... but Madalyn got Trunks' favorite dish" Bulla said and I blushed

"Oh really? The Truffle Saiyan Supreme?" Bulma asked and Bulla nodded and they looked at me and I smiled

"I don't regret it either! It was good" I said and they smiled.

"So Madalyn did you use the fabrics I gave you?" Bulma asked and I nodded

"The Purple and blue... Made a dress... I might use more later" I said and she smiled big

"I GOT TO SEE IT!" Bulma said and I nodded. I went to the room and grabbed the dress. I went back to the living room to let them see it and Bulma smiled big and Bulla smiled to.

"WOW! It's so pretty! Wait till Trunks see's it!" Bulma said and I blushed

"He saw it already... He opened my door when I had it on" I said and Bulma smiled

"Really what did he say?" Bulla asked being noisy I guess

"He said it's pretty and I have a talent" I said and a knock came on the door.


"Door's open!" Bulma yelled and Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, Videl, Pan, and Goten walked in

"Hi Gohan... this must be Videl and Pan" I said and Gohan nodded

"Guys this is Madalyn... I met her yesterday before I had to come home to watch Pan" Gohan said and there was inducements even though I knew them already.

"Y'all must be more of Trunks' friends that were there when I was passed out" I said and Goku smiled

"It was me, Gohan, Videl, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Tien, Krillian, and Piccolo" he said and I smiled

"That's cool,,, are y'all like a team or something?" I said and Goten nodded.

"Yeah the Z-Fighters" Videl said and I smiled. I knew the name but YUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey guys! Hey Madalyn!" Tien said and I waved

"Hiya!" I said and everyone looked at the dress...

"Whoa... Bulma did you buy that for her? It's amazing." Tien said and I blushed

"No... I made it" I said and they looked at me in shock.

"It's pretty" Tien said and I blushed as I went to the room I use and put my dress up. I went back out and just smiled. I left the house and smiled as I sat on the grass and looked at the sky. I looked straight and got up. I looked at the house behind me and smiled to myself. I left and headed to the city. Once I passed the city I saw the island I was on. 'Concentrate' I thought to myself as I flew to the island. When I landed I was so excited

"I did it!" I said to myself and sat down on a mountain as Z-Fighters flew to the island.

"Let's practice!" They yelled and started to practice. First up Krillian vs Tien... Tien won... Second Gohan vs Goten... Goten won... Third Piccolo vs Goku... Piccolo fought hard but Goku won... Last round 1 battle Trunks vs Vegeta... Vegeta was using good tactics but Trunks out smarted him and won. Round 2 Tien vs Goten... Tien won... Goku vs Trunks... A fierce battle but Trunks was triumphed. Last battle... Tien vs Trunks... 3 eyed man and the purple haired Saiyan... At the end Trunks was the winner and Vegeta smirked and Goku smiled big

"WOW Trunks! You sure have grown in power!" Goku said excitedly and I smiled. Vegeta saw me and smirked

"How long have you been up there?" Vegeta asked and everyone looked at me

"Since the first battle... Those were some heated practice!" I said and Vegeta smirked.

"How about you try one for your size?" He asked and I looked at him and smirked

"No Thanks Vegeta... I'd kick your ass and you'll be really mad" I said and he looked at me

"What?! Your no Saiyan so how can you defeat me?!" he asked and I laughed

"Who said I wasn't Saiyan?" I said knowing that I really had no strength to fight him at the moment.  


I flew off knowing the Vegeta was pissed off. I smiled as I was back in the city and ready to get back to the house for a while.

"Hiya!" Bulma said and I smiled as I waved

"Hey Bulma how you doing?" I asked and she gave me a thumbs up

"Good... Talk to you later! Oh here's a key to the house" Bulma said and threw the key. I caught it and smiled at her.

"Thanks" I said as we went our separate ways. I was back at the house when I sat on the couch and thought about Tamera and Valie (OC's of mine) two strong Saiyans and I have them in me... What if I could defeat Vegeta? Goku? Trunks... Nah! Vegeta yes Trunks no! Trunks is to cute! I still remember the encounter we had by accident. I fell asleep on the couch that night...

Trunks POV

I came home after practice and saw Madalyn asleep on the couch. I smiled as I picked her up and brought her to her room. I don't know but there's like a connection between me and her and Tien... She said she was a Saiyan... wait no she didn't... suddenly she started to freak out

"No... No... Leave me alone...No..." she was saying and I decided to wake her up... she looked at me with teary eyes.

"Trunks? Am I in my room?" she asked and I nodded

"Yes... you need sleep Madalyn... it's going to be okay" I said and she nodded as she fell asleep on my chest. Mom walked in and smiled

"Aw" she said and I blushed

"Mom it's not like that! She had a nightmare and I was soothing her to sleep" I said and she nodded 

"Yeah Yeah Trunks... you think of it! She's perfect for you... She made a dress with your favorite color and when she ate something at Bulla's job she picked YOUR favorite dish" she said and I nodded in disapproval as mom walked off. I soon fell asleep as well in a deep slumber


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