The Dreamer's Blade

"This isn't an end, It's a new beginning." I whispered as I bring my blade to the mans neck. "I am Eun Hye, The God of Punishment and revenge and I have came here today to avenge the death of my father Dong Woo who was the Guardian of the gate whom you Bo Seok murdered 10 years ago ." Piercing the mans throat with the tip of my sword, "I was ordered to!" the man pleaded as a small bead of blood ran down his neck. " Emperor Hyo Jeong, It was Emperor Hyo Jeong!" Stiffening in anger I slit the mans throat without hesitation. "I know."


3. Chapter 3

"impeccable humans!" I heard luna scream

"They never visit my temple!" 

Luna walked out of her nicely done temple that had vines of flower's growing from the very top to bottom, her pale skin was flushed with a pale red, and her red hair fell lusciously around her small face bringing out her vivid green eyes that were filled with fury. 

"Does no one ever think of me." She huffed crossing her her arms over her chest.

"Luna you're acting very boisterous." Ignoring Luna's immature and ignorant behavior I coldly make my way into the village.

"Eun seol I'll be home later." I called over my shoulder lazily.

Walking through the market I watch as all the villager's move out of my way and looked at me like I was some infectious disease. 

"I'm used to it." I whispered as I put on my usual emotionless expression.

 Today's the day, the day I leave this demeaning village. Making my way out of the market place I head towards the outskirts of the village and towards the dimly lit forest, making  sure no ones looking I wave my hand lifting the magical veil only to reveal a warn down temple that was covered with tangled strands of ivy, the ivy made the temple look like it has been abandoned for many years but in reality it's only been abandoned for one, after I received my powers I used my once beautiful tower as a place to test my abilities.

    Let's just say I don't need a temple anyway, somebody just has to pray for what they want from me and I do it.. To be honest I get many call's that I ignore, It's not fair to end someone's life but what they did is still unfair to...I just want to fix one thing, and one thing only.

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